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When medical journals get woke…


They fight racism, not cancer. Will your doctor sound like a self-absorbed neurotic?:

I am racist, shaped by the sometimes subtle tendrils of white supremacy deeply embedded in our culture. I mean this not as a sanctimonious admission of guilt, but as a call to self-reflection and action for us white physicians. Deborah Cohan, M.D., M.P.H., “Racist Like Me — A Call to Self-Reflection and Action for White Physicians” at New England Journal of Medicine (paywall)

We hope no one facing a difficult diagnosis has to listen to someone whose basic mission in life sounds like dumping on herself instead of serving others.

The journal was urged to get woke. While the predations of the raging Woke in science is not a core mission for us at UD, we think we should let readers know when it is happening, especially if it could affect you.

For one thing, once getting woke comes to be seen as a positive benefit, it could cover a great deal of incompetence. That’s nothing new in highly politicized environments: Correct opinions or feelings become much more important than correct actions and good outcomes.

The good news is that this stuff is behind a paywall at NEJM and the better news is that there are still medics out there who fight cancer, heart disease, ebola, and such. For now, this will spread.

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Was Thomas Kuhn not so “evil” after all? Philosopher of science: If Errol or Kripke or anyone can tell me something absolutely objective and unchanging about what’s out there in the natural world, I sincerely want to hear and believe that. Maybe I should (re)turn to Jesus. (Huh?)


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