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At Forbes: Cosmology’s crisis is merely “manufactured misunderstandings”

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

An astrophysicist dismisses the concerns as “ideologically-driven diatribes”:

Once you accept the Big Bang and a Universe governed by General Relativity, there is an enormous suite of evidence that points to the existence of dark matter and dark energy. This is not a new suite, either, but one that’s been mounting since the 1970s. Dark energy’s main competitor fell away some 15 years ago, leaving only a Universe with dark matter and dark energy as a viable cosmology to explain the full suite of evidence.

You have to account for everything, plus the new observation, plus new phenomena that have not yet been observed.

This is the problem with every alternative. Every alternative to the expanding Universe, to the Big Bang, to dark matter, dark energy, or inflation, all fail to even account for whatever’s been already observed, much less the rest of it. That’s why practically every working scientist considers these proposed alternatives to be mere sandboxing, rather than a serious challenge to the mainstream consensus.

Ethan Siegel, “Cosmology’s only big problems are manufactured misunderstandings” at Forbes

But that’s precisely why many sense a crisis. There appears to be no way out via new theories.

See also: Rob Sheldon: The real reason there is a crisis in cosmology Nearly everything that has failed about the Big Bang model has been added because of bad metaphysics, a refusal to accept the consequences of a beginning. The remaining pieces of the Big Bang model that are failing and which can’t be attributed to bad metaphysics, were added from sheer laziness.

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Good point. They make a box to protect their doctrine. In pure science one can hold by 'a' (SPIRALL), just not 'The' (SCM-LCDM), big bang, give an internally consistent explanation of the empirical evidence, and conclude: no requirement for the missing dark matter and energy. no reason to hold ongoing cosmic expansion. no reason to hold the Copernican Principle assumption. Many reasons to hold SPIRAL is by far the highest probability scientific explanation. reference: 'Distant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the Universe' : www.amazon.com/dp/1519262205 Pearlman

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