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Discover: Even the best dark matter theories “are crumbling”

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

Because the best theories have not identified dark matter after decades:

Having been fooled once, scientists have to ask: Is dark matter the new ether?

For decades, a few rogue scientists have stood hopefully at the edge of respectability, offering their theory called Modified Newtonian Dynamics, or MOND. Essentially, it says that physics doesn’t work as we know it at the largest scales. It says we’ve been drawing the wrong conclusions, and dark matter isn’t required to explain the universe. No one has managed to develop a theory of MOND that adequately explains the universe around us, but it occasionally gains converts simply because the competing theory of dark matter has a glaring flaw: we can’t find it.

Perhaps we’re wrong about something in the standard model that defines how the tiniest particles in the universe behave and interact, and dark matter exists, but in a very different form than we’re expecting. Or perhaps we are wrong about the laws of gravity.Korey Haynes, “What is Dark Matter? Even the Best Theories Are Crumbling” at Discover

“Best theories are crumbling?” We live in odd times when such news excites no great interest. It’s almost as if no one believed those theories much anyway.

Maybe the most current cosmology can offer is unbelievable alternatives to things no one wants to believe, for example, that the universe shows evidence of design. If so, if this field is in any way relevant to that problem, finding a new source of misdirection will become the goal.

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So many research areas in science today are hitting hard barriers that it is reasonable to think that we are missing something.

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