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At New Scientist: Aliens inside you create your sense of you


This is classic New Scientist:

For starters, we are chimeras: some parts of us are human, but genetically not “us”. Most, if not all, of us contain a few cells from our mother, our grandmothers and even elder siblings that infiltrated our bodies in the uterus.

Women who have carried children host such cells too. “Something like 65 per cent of women, even in their 70s, when autopsies were performed, had cells in their brains that were not theirs,” says David Linden at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. Chimeric cells have been found to contribute to both good and bad health, for example promoting wound healing but also triggering autoimmune disease.

A handful of people even turn out to be true chimeras, created from a merger in the uterus of two non-identical, “fraternal” twins.

Graham Lawton, “Why it’s the aliens living inside you that create your sense of you” at New Scientist

You need to pay to view the whole thing but the basic message is, you think you are a self but you are not. Highly convenient for certain types of government.

New Scientist seems to be back to their usual schtick. Their 13 reasons for questioning Darwinism were probably some kind of aberration.

Now it’s the usual pop science again: Alien organisms explain your sense of yourself! But never mind that! Darwinism defends you from an attack of Boltzmann braaaaaiiiiinnnns!

Animals run from danger, but some humans run towards it. There are no firefighters in nature. If we are nothing more than animals, the greatest instinct should be survival of self. To flee danger as animals flee danger is a part of nature. Humans are not part of nature in the same sense as animals. Free will enables firefighters to run towards danger in order to assist in putting out a fire with the knowledge their lives are on the line every time. BobRyan
You mean this is true???? (At 0:33) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYWhDZurjSw EDTA
Well of course there are "alien" cells in us. Indeed, most of the cells in and on our bodies are not human: but they can still be part of "us". It's not as if those cells "belong" to someone else, even if some of them came from other people. DNA is not destiny, nor is it my identity. See also: https://thopid.blogspot.com/2019/02/what-are-you.html Fasteddious
Aaron at 1 at 2, We had hoped NS was bordering on some kind of sanity. If you don't believe you are alive or that you are really here or that reality is real or that you can come to apprehend it, well then, what use is the life of the mind to you? Doubtless, we'll be seeing way more of this. News
It's easy to see how the cells from Mom and Grandma got in. Mom's eggs were formed while she was inside Grandma. But the PERSISTENCE of these cells is astonishing. The immune system is always trying to reject foreigners. Why does it allow and even maintain these leftovers? Wild and weird thought: Action at a distance or telepathy. We often know when something is happening to mother or grandmother, and siblings often know when something is happening to other siblings. Are these intruders meant to be receivers tuned to the source of the cell? polistra
Oh wow..............words escape me AaronS1978

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