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Self-organization of the embryo?

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This is from a recent paper in Cell:

Early embryogenesis is a conserved and self-organized process. In the mammalian embryo, the potential for self-organization is manifested in its extraordinary developmental plasticity, allowing a correctly patterned embryo to arise despite experimental perturbation. The underlying mechanisms enabling such regulative development have long been a topic of study. In this Review, we summarize our current understanding of the self-organizing principles behind the regulative nature of the early mammalian embryo. We argue that geometrical constraints, feedback between mechanical and biochemical factors, and cellular heterogeneity are all required to ensure the developmental plasticity of mammalian embryo development.

Meng Zhu1 and Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, “Principles of Self-Organization of the Mammalian Embryo” at Cell (open access)

Self-organization makes sense if you believe that the universe and life form are intelligently designed.

The Darwinians are approaching endgame. But hey, some good news, it’ll be okay for everybody else.

Somebody should define “self organization.” Otherwise it’s a moot discussion. jerry
Of course this self organisation has nothing to do with information embedded in the cell. aarceng
Execpt ontogeny doesn’t recapitulate phylogeny. That hypothesis has been discredited. An self-organization is just wishful thinking. Evos need it because they need something to believe in. ET
UD "Self-organization makes sense if you believe that the universe and life form are intelligently designed" WRONG! DNA Risk management (proofreading and repair) is not a self-organization. DNA replication is not a self-organization. Protein-synthesis is not a self-organization. Even protein-folding does not seem to be self-organized when you need another molecular machines to keep on eye on it (to assure the fold is correct) UD, i am really disappointed from your conclusions... martin_r
Nonlin.Org @1 "Constraints are not “self organization”. Duh!" exactly, but what to expect from Darwinian clowns ... it is like in some mental hospital ... martin_r
If ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, then each embryo should start out as organic compounds shipped in by a comet from non-Deplorable planets, then spend a few billion years self-organizing via cosmic rays and natural selection. polistra
"Self-organization makes sense if you believe that the universe and life form are intelligently designed."
Why is Intelligent Design opposed to self-organization? ETA: Please don't insult my intelligence by claiming that ID is not opposed to self-organization. Mung
Constraints are not "self organization". Duh! Nonlin.org

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