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At Science mag: “Really weird” gravity would be needed to explain away dark matter


What do we do when the situation is untenable but so are the alternatives?:

Dark matter, the invisible stuff whose gravity is thought to hold galaxies together, may be the least satisfying concept in physics. But if you want to get rid of it, a new study finds, you’ll need to replace it with something even more bizarre: a force of gravity that, at some distances, pulls massive objects together and, at other distances, pushes them apart. The analysis underscores how hard it is to explain away dark matter …

Pardo and Spergel derived a mathematical function that describes how gravity would have had to work to get from the distribution of ordinary matter revealed by the CMB to the current distribution of the galaxies. They found something striking: That function must swing between positive and negative values, meaning gravity would be attractive at some length scales and repulsive at others, Pardo and Spergel report this week in Physical Review Letters. “And that’s superweird,”

Pardo says. Adrian Cho, “To explain away dark matter, gravity would have to be really weird, cosmologists say” at Mind Matters News

Paper. (paywall)

Discover: Even the best dark matter theories are crumbling

Researcher: The search for dark matter has become a “quagmire of confirmation bias” So many research areas in science today are hitting hard barriers that it is reasonable to think that we are missing something.

Physicists devise test to find out if dark matter really exists

Largest particle detector draws a blank on dark matter

What if dark matter just doesn’t stick to the rules?

A proposed dark matter solution makes gravity an illusion


Proposed dark matter solution: “Gravity is not a fundamental governance of our universe, but a reaction to the makeup of a given environment.”

If Pearlman SPIRAL no need for any of the missing (darrk energy) and missing dark matter. reference SPIRAL 'GRIP' hypthesis in volume II of the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment. Pearlman
Instead of the trampoline metaphor. Maybe it's like a stone into water with a standing wave of ripples that would in fact repel at certain distances. Heh! Wrap your mind around that one. Time to maybe dump the current models and gather more data. Latemarch
Despite all we know today about the universe, we continue to scratch the surface. We have a long way to go to gain any real understanding. We know some of the laws of physics, but have no idea how many that have yet to be discovered. Gravity, much like the universe, is something we do not understand for all the knowledge we possess about it. BobRyan
Perhaps the assumptions about "the distribution of ordinary matter revealed by the CMB" are wrong. aarceng
By tradition, biology is supposed to learn from physics, the "really hard" science. This might have made sense in 1840 but the situation is reversed now. Biology is starting to gain a proper humiliity, after hundreds of repeated "earlier than thoughts" or "better than thoughts". Biology is beginning to realize that our observations are NEVER adequate. We're always looking for our wallet under the streetlight. Now physics could do with a bit more of the same humillity, and maybe a hard dose of Ockham. When a phenomenon seems hard to explain, it's an UNNECESSARY phenomenon. If 95% of the universe seems to be missing from our MEASUREMENTS, it's not a problem with the universe, it's a problem with our measurements. polistra

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