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Bill Nye the Leftist Politics Guy



“It’s not a coincidence that the great pop icon of Science made his name hosting a children’s show.”


Bill Nye is a complete fraud. Just another atheist philosopher posing as a real scientist. That guy abandoned the principles of empirical science a long time ago. Now people just laugh at him. Truth Will Set You Free
This is why i stopped my subscription to NR years ago. It became just a left wing right wing rag. The Ham debate was excellent and was not fringe. why is this Tuttle saying Bible believing christianity is fringe? its very popular and historic. the debate, by both , was not that bad. Ham made great points. Nye wandered about but he is just famous for quick comments for children's shows. The left wing understands that reaching audiences matters and maybe more then quality of science. Its about persuasion. You need big mouths. the way to take Nye on is by argument before audience. Its not by attacking anyone, everyone, you decide is wrong or very dumb. The debate gets bigger, and more important audience then NR little commentatoors. What does this tuttle know about anything in origins? How does he know whats true? Thats right. He watched the nte kids shows. Robert Byers
Nye's best so far is that ISIS is caused by climate change. I do think that the national review hit the nail on the head. bFast

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