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British Linnaean Society seeks “middle way” on evolution – target 80% of world’s people’s deepest beliefs re afterlife


Their meet will be held on September 8, 2011, seeking to “reignite and reinvigorate the debate in light of current developments in the philosophy of science and of evolutionary

biology.” The premise?

In scientific circles “The triumph of the Darwinian method” is generally accepted. In the wider world, however, at least 80% of the 6.5 billion
people currently alive on Earth have religious beliefs based on a non-material afterlife, and/or reincarnation. Although many intellectuals of religious conviction accept Darwinism, it seems likely that most people do not.


We couldn’t have made ourselves clearer: You either believe in the afterlife or you are a Darwinist.  Fortunately, “many intellectuals of religious conviction accept Darwinism,” don’t believe in an afterlife, and we want to spread the good news to you as well. There is Darwin and is no afterlife.

Presumably then, the Linnaean society believes that the Christian Darwinists at Francis Collins-founded BioLogos do not have such beliefs.

Many of us take for granted, of course, that Christian Darwinists don’t really have traditional Christian beliefs, but does anyone know whether that is true about the afterlife? For example would they issue a statement, to say that the Linnaean Society misunderstands their devotion to Charlie?

This Linnean Society of London meeting pursuing is a “middle way,” in which “organisms can be proud to have been their own designers.” It is sponsored by The Royal Entomological
Society, the British Ecological Society and the Natural History Museum.

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