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Karl Popper, who never really retracted his dismissal of Darwinism – reflects on “the scientific method”

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Never really retracted.

As a rule, I begin my lectures on Scientific Method by telling my students that scientific method does not exist. I add that I ought to know, having been for a time at least, the only professor of this non-existent subject within the British commonwealth.
—Realism and the Aim of Science, Karl Popper, p. 5

I assert that no scientific method exists in any of these three senses. To put it in a more direct way:

(1) There is no method of discovering a scientific theory.
(2) There is no method of ascertaining the truth of a scientific hypothesis, i. e., no method of verification.
(3) There is no method of ascertaining whether a hypothesis is “probable”, or probably true.
—Realism and the Aim of Science, Karl Popper, p. 6

I believe that the so-called method of science consists in this kind of criticism [severe]. Scientific theories are distinguished from myths merely in being criticizable, and in being open to modifications in the light of criticism. They can be neither verified nor probabilified.
—Realism and the Aim of Science, Karl Popper, p. 7

This alleged but non-existent method [of science] is that of collecting observations and then “drawing conclusions” from them. It is slavishly aped by some historians who believe that they can collect documentary evidence which corresponding to the observations of natural science, forms the “empirical basis” for their conclusions.

This alleged method is one that can never be put into effect: you can neither collect observations nor documentary evidence if you do not first have a problem.
—Objective Knowledge, Karl Popper, p. 186

Courtesy: Philosopher/photographer Laszlo Bencze

AMEN. To the theme here. there is no scientific method and so no method that demands greater confidence by the non researcher in its conclusions. All there is IS people thinking. Science does not exist. Its just people thinking about things and making conclusions about things seen as complicated. The careful investigation of "science" is not importantly more then other ordinary standards of investigation in society. "science" is a great deal about insights unrelated to investigation. Indeed a apple dropping has provoked ideas as long as a knowledge is also already held. Therefore evolution is not true because its SCIENCE. Rather its just another investigative thing where what its investigation does not exist anymore. events and processes. Evolution also is founded on hunches back in the day when previous ideas of religious boundaries were dominant. Robert Byers

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