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But if God is a pure mathematician … ?

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From the intrinsic evidence of his creation, the Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure mathematician.

– Sir James Jeans (1877-1946)

How do we get from that to physical stuff?

Note:  Even if you think God is just pure mathematics, wouldn’t the same problem exist?

Of course God is a pure mathematician. He is also an applied mathematician, a physicist, a chemist, a biologist, an ecologist, a physchologist, a creator of systems, a lover, a friend... Any attempt to pin God down to only one aspect is automatically false. Bruce David
If God were a pure mathematician, then: the universe would have existed forever (there would not be evidence of a big bang); there would have always been life, so no origin of life problem; God would be non-interventionist, so that the evidence would be consistent with deism or atheism. Neil Rickert
Unless you are one of the mathematekoi from the Pythagorean cult. Maybe Sir James Jeans was a member of this cult that was thought to be violently suppressed around 460 B.C. Maybe, some of them survived and have been secretly working behind the scenes to influence world governments. Perhaps, the illuminatti, Rosicrucians, MJ12, and the Trilateral Commission were actually remnants of the Pythagoreans. Nah. At any rate, the Pythagoreans believed in these five things (or thought to have) Source: GAP Systems Website 1)that at its deepest level, reality is mathematical in nature, 2)that philosophy can be used for spiritual purification 3)that the soul can rise to union with the divine, 4)that certain symbols have a mystical significance, and 5)that all brothers of the order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy. I don't think the Pythagoreans worked out how pure mathematics (at base, "thoughts") could be manifest in reality. Today, of course, we recognize through observation that "thoughts" are only made manifest via intelligent (varying degrees) manipulation of physical forms (i.e. solid, liquids, gas, plasma). At least what we have observed of our world is that only intelligence can manipulate the physical environment for an express purpose. I use "purpose" as I would "strategy". An intelligence devises a strategy and executes tactics to accomplish the goal of fulfilling the strategy (for those with a military bent). ciphertext

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