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Want to watch the programming of life video and ponder the roots of coded, complex, functionally specific information in the living cell?

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The vid is embedded here at 640 wide.

Appealing to the WordPress gods to allow an embed here:

[youtube 00vBqYDBW5s]

And, let me clip the linked KF post:

. . . Of course, there is a hot — and too often quite uncivil — controversy surrounding the inference to design on empirically tested signs such as complex, functionally specific organisation and associated information, or irreducibly complex functional organisation.
However, much of that controversy is not driven by the actual balance on the merits but by the determination of institutionally dominant evolutionary materialist factions to retain their (now fast-crumbling) hold on science, the academy, education, most mass media, public policy and the public square. Sometimes, even the pulpit.
If you doubt the accuracy of this summary but genuinely want to find out without wading through the muck of the various fever swamps, why not work your way through the 101 from here on? (And if you are interested in the worldview level issues and agendas that have shaped our civilisation’s path for the past 150 years [sometimes doing a lot of damage], why not look here on in context?)

Brace for some shocks, on what they didn’t tell you in your High School or College science textbooks, or on Discovery or National Geographic Cable TV channels, etc.

So, let us now think for ourselves. END

View from the ISS (International Space Station) at Night - video https://vimeo.com/45878034#
Recommended viewing in full screen with volume on bornagain77

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