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Can AI help scientists formulate ideas?


Yes, if you mean “dumb AI,” and there ain’t no “smart AI”:

Quantity is definitely a solved problem. STM, the “voice of scholarly publishing” estimated in 2015 that roughly 2.5 million science papers are published each year. Some are, admittedly, in predatory or fake journals. But over 2800 journals are assumed to be genuine. From all this, we can deduce that most scientists have not read most of the literature in their field, though they probably read immediately relevant or ground-breaking findings.

But the question has arisen whether, in some cases, scientists have even read papers in which they are listed as authors. A report in Nature (September 2018) revealed that “Thousands of scientists publish a paper every five days” or 72 papers a year:Quantity vs. quality: Can AI help scientists produce better papers?” at Mind Matters

The sensible reaction, as one author put it, is, this is absurd…

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