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    DaveScot says:

    I can’t help myself. I love a mystery.

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    Gerry Rzeppa says:

    Well, they’ve got Dawkins, Myers, Dennett, Scott, Hitchens, and Harris in the video. This seems like a group that almost anyone — pro or con — would put in a video of this kind. I haven’t seen Expelled yet, so I don’t know: are Hitchens and Harris in the movie?

    Anyway, since you “love a mystery,” try this one:


    What’s the $64,000 question?

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    sagebrush gardener says:


    Gerry, I have a really hard time reading the font there. I and my aging eyes would appreciate something a little clearer.

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    Gerry Rzeppa says:

    sagebrush gardner:

    Sorry about that. The text there reads as follows.


    My name is Gerry Rzeppa and I’ve written a short children’s book in answer to the works of Richard Dawkins. Unlike his ponderous tomes, however, mine has lots of pictures, rhymes, and can be read, cover to cover, in ten minutes.

    The $64,000 Question

    I’m offering the doctor $64,000 of my very own money if he will join me before a live audience to answer a single question about my little poem. I’ll read the story aloud and pose the mystery query. He’ll answer and walk away with the loot. Simple as that.


    Me too. I’ll let you know if and when the challenge is accepted. In the meantime, you can read my story, for free, by clicking right here.

    A click on the word “here” takes you to

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    DaveScot says:


    Do I get a prize for correctly guessing the question?

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    Timothy V Reeves says:

    I liked the video Dave, and I am as bemused as you. I’m not too familiar with all the protagonists involved, but I am learning fast!

    What we want is a who’s who web page containing mugshots of all the big names in this game and their part in the grand scheme of things; reminds me a little of those silouhette books they used to hand out to fighter pilots to make sure they knew who to shoot down.

    Re. the video: Self parody can be a healthy thing. Also parody from a third party position can assist in self reflection.

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    bFast says:

    I’m with Timothy:

    What we want is a who’s who web page containing mugshots of all the big names in this game and their part in the grand scheme of things

    I get most of my knowledge from blogs such as this one. They rarely contain pictures. I know what Dawkins looks like, I know the picture of Darwin, I figured out that the “babe” is Eugenie Scott from reading this blog. If we had a bio of each of the characters in the movie, along with their picture it would make it easier for me to explain the subtleties of the flick to folks like my wife — and myself.

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    Timothy V Reeves says:

    I figured out that the “babe” is Eugenie Scott

    Thanks bfast, that’s another I can add to my list!

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    Paul Giem says:


    Actually, if you google images of PZ Myers, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris, you can fill out the rest of the cast. PZ wears the octopus on his cap, and is referred to in the rap song as “PZ”, Dennett is wearing the huge floppy hat (“pimp hat”), and Sam Harris is the one that talks about the “shoulders of midgets”, and Hitchens is wearing the headband saying “I love booze” in symbolic form.

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    jerry says:

    If it hasn’t been already said, the Expelled people made the video.

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    Gerry Rzeppa says:

    DaveScot asks, “Do I get a prize for correctly guessing the question?”

    I’m surprised a lover of mysteries and a seeker of knowledge would even ask such a question! 🙂

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    Timothy V Reeves says:

    Thanks Paul for the potted who’s who.

    Now here’s a self reflection exercise: Try and anticipate the contents of the corresponding video created by evolutionists as a send up of ID … or have they already done one?

    …and yes I think I would need an accompany who’s who in order to identify the characters.

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