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Casting pearls before swine — okay, I’ll do it [take #2]

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In my previous post, I attributed a deliberate misquote to the author of a PT blog posting. The PT author gave no citation for the quote (why was that??), so I took it to come from my book NO FREE LUNCH, which it did, though the quote as given at PT left out some crucial portions of text. As it turns out, the quote in question appeared in an earlier paper of mine (unpublished except on the web, portions of which were then incorporated into NFL) exactly as it appeared at PT (see I therefore withdraw the charge of egregious quotemining.

On the other hand, I don’t at all withdraw charge of needless crowing about a nonexistent physics error. Anyone who knows anything about mathematics knows that the behavior of a function as one takes a limit can differ drastically from the behavior of the function at the limit point. Moreover, any ambiguity was cleared up in my book NO FREE LUNCH. Finally, if they have a problem with the point I’m making there, let them take up the lectures by Freeman Dyson to which I referred them.

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    wickett says:

    The problem is that all those dang PT people have so much free time on their hands to do this all day long. And because they dont have anything else to do, it makes them grouchy when they spend their time on PT all day. It is a downward behavior spiral for sure. It would be cool to do a analysis on the PT top 100 posters and see what a psychologist can determine!

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    DaveScot says:

    The author of the PT article is Pim Van Meurs (PvM) of talk.politics.guns fame 10+ years ago when he was an undergrad foreigner studying marine biology at UC San Deigo. As far as I know he failed to graduate, married a U.S. citizen (rumored to be an illegal marriage of convenience)in an attempt to remain in the country, and eventually moved back to the Netherlands (deportation rumors swirled). Rumor had it he was fired from a NOAA job in Seattle for spending all his time at work surfing the net. Maybe he should have been less interested in gun laws in a country that wasn’t his home and more interested in his college studies and his job. Interestingly, of all the contributors on Panda’s Thumb, Pimmy is the only one who doesn’t have an entry in the list of contributors. He is also the most prolific contributor at PT by far. My take on that is it would be too embarrassing for PT to list his dismal record along with the people who’ve actually done something constructive in their lives but they want him around because he’s willing to lie and perform hatchet work on people like Bill Dembski and they can remain at arm’s length with plausible deniability of agreement with anything Pimmy says. He probably hooked up with,, and PT founder Wesley Elsberry (who also does marine biology work) in San Deigo or Seattle and switched his net surfing addiction from gun control to evolution at that time. And/or maybe he’s like Wesley’s pet monkey who everyone knows stinks and flings feces but can’t criticize because his owner loves him.

    So, when it comes to anything Pim Van Meurs has to say, I say “consider the source” and take it with many grains of salt.

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    dougmoran says:

    It still seems like a quote mine to me, if less egregious.

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    zapatero says:

    DaveScot wrote:
    “As far as I know he failed to graduate…”

    But the following link shows that he earned his PhD in 1995:

    It took me 30 seconds to find this using Google. Dave, why do I have to tell you something you could have easily found out on your own?

    Because I didn’t look for anything beyond what was on usenet. -ds

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    Charliecrs says:

    The loosers @ PT do nothing but sling sh*t around. This is not suprising because its obvious every pro evo-darwinist there only know about eating sh*t.

    Like the saying goes, ya are what you eat right ?


  6. 6
    SCheesman says:


    You sling well yourself… (oh wait, am I being critical now?)

  7. 7
    Scott says:

    Let’s not sink to the same level as the intellectual lightweights (on a good day) over at PT. Keep things clean and civil.

    Feces flinging is for australopithecus africanuses.

  8. 8
    Charliecrs says:

    scott -“Let’s not sink to the same level as the intellectual lightweights (on a good day) over at PT. Keep things clean and civil.”

    no comment ? 🙂

    australopithecus afrikan-uss , yet another hallmark of evolution. [cough,sneeze ]


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    secondclass says:

    Dembski says: Too bad that Freeman Dyson agrees with me and not with them.

    This is utterly false. Nowhere in the referenced paper does Dyson say that zero-energy waves can impart information.

    And nowhere in my quote do I say that zero-energy waves impart information — I say that they do in the limit. Let me suggest you read the appropriate chapters in Michael Spivak’s calculus book on limits. In the meantime, you’re out of here. –WmAD

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    mivart says:


    You make a number of claims about PvM:

    1. He failed to graduate (shown to be false by zapatero)
    2. He married (“an illegal marriage of convenience”) to remain in the US
    3. He was deported to the Netherlands
    4. He was fired from NOAA for internet surfing.

    Do you have any evidence for claims 2 through 4? Otherwise this is close to libellous.

    I distinctly noted these were all rumor except for #1 which I qualified with “as far as I know”. You can read the rumors here:

    and here (and elsewhere in talk.politics.guns but these are good examples)



    Evidently Pimmy is alive and well in Kenmore, Washington busy filing patent applications on ways of entering Chinese characters on cell phones and such. A rather odd application of talent for a guy with a PhD in Oceanography. What an odd duck.

    One patent has been granted to him as co-inventor.

    Assigned to AOL. Pimmy, you’re working for AOL? Now THAT is funny. 😛 -ds

    Update2: The Brains of the Family (alternatively “If You Ain’t Got It, Marry It”)

    No wonder Pimmy stopped using his name on PT and reverted to just his initials. Orders from Mrs. Money Bags undoubtedly. 😆

    Pim Van Meurs (Netherlands?/ ’89-‘92)
    and Melissa Williams (US/’91-’92 Honorary
    I-Houser) – Pim and Melissa married in
    1995 and then moved to Seattle for Pim’s
    post-doc. Pim worked for NOAA in Seattle
    in Oceanography and then went to work
    for computer start up, Tegic Communications
    which was bought out by AOL. He is
    the director of research and innovation
    presently. Melissa went to work for
    QIAGEN, a biotech company, but then sold
    her stock options and retired in 2002
    (wow!). Pim and Melissa now have two
    kids, a 3 year old and an almost one year
    old – both girls.


  11. 11

    Every time I get into it with PT, I get this sick, dirty feeling, like I’ve been to an outhouse that’s in constant use but hasn’t been cleaned in years. I’m closing this thread down as well and will be more careful in the future about taking their bait.

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