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Casting pearls before swine — okay, I’ll do it [take #2]

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In my previous post, I attributed a deliberate misquote to the author of a PT blog posting. The PT author gave no citation for the quote (why was that??), so I took it to come from my book NO FREE LUNCH, which it did, though the quote as given at PT left out some crucial portions of text. As it turns out, the quote in question appeared in an earlier paper of mine (unpublished except on the web, portions of which were then incorporated into NFL) exactly as it appeared at PT (see http://www.arn.org/docs/dembski/wd_idcomingclean.htm). I therefore withdraw the charge of egregious quotemining.

On the other hand, I don’t at all withdraw charge of needless crowing about a nonexistent physics error. Anyone who knows anything about mathematics knows that the behavior of a function as one takes a limit can differ drastically from the behavior of the function at the limit point. Moreover, any ambiguity was cleared up in my book NO FREE LUNCH. Finally, if they have a problem with the point I’m making there, let them take up the lectures by Freeman Dyson to which I referred them.