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Cells activate individual quality control responses

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Smart little things, aren’t they?:

New research from Washington University in St. Louis shows that cells monitor for ribosome collisions to determine the severity of the problem and how best to respond when things start to go awry.

The research from the laboratory of Hani Zaher, associate professor of biology in Arts & Sciences, is published online Dec. 17 in the journal Molecular Cell.

“The cell has two methods of stress response that are triggered by this very same signal of ribosomes running into each other,” Zaher said. “However, the quality control mechanism of ribosome rescue and mRNA degradation responds more swiftly — to resolve the problems and to prevent premature activation of the integrated stress response.

“Only after cells have exhausted the capacity of the quality control system do they move to shut down the entire translation system by activating the stress response,” Zaher said.

Leo Yan, a graduate student in biology and the first author of the study, used an analogy relevant to human experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Integrated stress response is like a city going through full lockdown,” Yan said. “If you only have 10 cases, you don’t want to come out and tell the city, ‘Let’s just hunker down and not do anything,’ or shut down all the productivity. You want the city to have a system to evaluate the severity of the stress — and to deal with it according to its severity.

“The value of our paper is in describing the dynamic within the system that the cell can use to evaluate the level of stress — from local, individual events, to events that require shutdown of the entire translation machinery,” he said.

Washington University in St. Louis, “Seeking to avoid ‘full lockdown,’ cells monitor ribosome collisions” at ScienceDaily

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    polistra says:

    In other words, cells are infinitely smarter than politicians.

  2. 2
    BobRyan says:


    There is not much that a politician can be compared to in terms of being smart. Most are about as bright as a broken light bulb. They are little more than actors with talking points.

    Political science is an art, not a science. Politicians who go through the classes are taught to have three issues when they run and to stick to those three issues. No matter what the question, they are always to return to those three issues. Watch any town hall type event and it will be evident that answers come back to what the politician wants to be asked, rather than answering the question asked.

    Most are incapable of handling anymore than three subjects, and spend more time remembering bumper sticker slogans and attacking their opponents than addressing any actual issue. Most voters do not care about intelligence.

  3. 3
    Belfast says:

    How I wish you were wrong!

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