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Centre for Intelligent Design UK Website Now LIVE


In recent years, the development of Intelligent Design has been associated largely with the USA. This week marks the launch of the Centre for Intelligent Design UK (website here). The Centre brings ID back to its roots, which can be traced right to the early developments of science in the UK and wider Europe. Many of the early pioneers of modern science held the view that the natural world was intelligible because it was itself the product of a rational mind.

The new Centre is set up by a network of volunteers across the UK, with a variety of areas of expertise and professional interests – as diverse as medicine, science, education, business, and law. It exists as a non-profit organisation and is funded by private individuals.

Its stated objectives are to:

  • Promote the professional investigation and public debate of ID within the UK.
  • Challenge, on the basis of scientific evidence, the neo-Darwinian proposition that the development of life is purely explicable as the result of undirected material processes.
  • Encourage consideration of the wider implications of ID.

The Centre’s director, Dr. Alistair Noble, has stated:

Recent surveys of public opinion by the BBC and Theos, the public policy think tank, have indicated a high level of interest in and sympathy for the ID position on origins. The UK needs a centre committed to promoting this debate, both professionally and in the public square. That’s what we intend to do.

Very nice looking site. Unfortunately when I listen to the introductory video it alway stops half way through, at a very inconvenient (or convenient for some) location. ".. in our uniforn experience, information at this level of sophistication only comes from int..(cut)". I think he was about to say "intelligent design" but the video does not play beyond that point. William Brookfield
Nice website design. Peripherally related, here's what they're teaching kids in school about evolution with respect to the peppered moth: The peppered moths of Britain evolved from light to dark because of the pollution caused by the industrial revolution. Why It Is a Lie: Teachers love this little story because it makes it so easy for students to understand the concept. The image of the light and dark moths on light and dark surfaces is simple to grasp. Too bad the tale is more black and white than the moths. Peppered moths came in a variety of shades, from light to dark and have existed as such since before the industrial revolution. By oversimplifying the situation, natural selection is painted as a life-or-death situation. Why It Shouldn’t Change: Middle school students don’t really need to grasp the complexities of natural selection. Further explanation in later grade levels builds on this basic, but not complete concept. From here: http://www.degreescout.com/education-degrees/top-ten-lies-your-teachers-told-you-in-school Barb
lord bless from a biblical creationist. lots of error to destroy and make a more intelligent frame for the origin of the universe and components. It should be fun as your opponents skirmishers are wacky. There is room here for a revolution in all these subjects. I think more people are smelling this too and getting in at the start. It surely is the more interesting and story-like movement to come along in western thought in a long time. If Darwinism is wrong then it can be shown to be wrong and better ideas take its place. if wrong then it will be a historic collapse and in our time. Of coarse we biblical creationists intend on the deathblow ourselves. You better hurry up. Robert Byers
I wish Dr Noble and his team all the best. As ID is usually conflated to be a US-only led initiative, having multiple sites that are nation-specific highlights that ID is universal. I am also extremely happy to have the word 'Centre' spelled correctly! ;o) AussieID
"Dawkins will try to shut this down too". What other websites has he shut down? zeroseven
I think the website is well designed. No pun intended. Collin
It is positive. Predictably, though, I'm sure Dawkins will try to shut this down, too. Tsinadree
The web site looks good, this is a very positive development. Granville Sewell

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