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Check out Steve Meyer’s new web site

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He’s the author of Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, also The Return of the God Hypothesis.

Here’s the new site.

Here’s the kind of thing you can see lots of there:

David Klinghoffer thinks it;s the best interview with Meyer he’s ever seen.

From a teaching viewpoint, the material is sort of misdirected. Everything seems to assume that the reader is already a deep academic ID insider. Lots of high-level jargon about ATP synthases and such. People who are familiar with those details don't need persuasion. It has the same problem as Wikipedia's science pages. If you can read the formulas you don't really need the answer. People who need the answer can't begin to parse the formulas. polistra
i already checked... very nice and modern-looking. Well done. When you look at Jerry Coyne 'why evolution is true'-website, this one will take you like 30 years back. martin_r

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