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Religion, science, … and the religion of science facing COVID-19


The religion of science has seemed strikingly evident in the COVID-19 outbreak. Commenting on the difficulty observant Jews have faced during the lockdowns in New York, a thoughtful writer notes:

If you believe in it—truly, deeply, and unequivocally—you understand that science isn’t a faith-based system. It cares little for politics or virtues. It’s a blissfully agnostic methodology that makes guesses, compares them with available evidence, and amends, alters, or rejects them based on results. So, if you’re being true to science, say, here’s how you should be thinking about public gatherings: Are they unsafe? Then they’re as unsafe for the proponents of Black Lives just as they are for the Satmars. Are they safe under some conditions? Then let us be clear about precisely what these conditions are.

Take, for example, Gov. Cuomo’s decree that no more than 10 people are allowed in a house of worship at any given time. If you possess even a modicum of common sense, you realize that this idea is, at its core, profoundly anti-scientific, as it has nothing to say about the size of the house of worship in question. Ten people in a small one-room shtiebel is a real risk; 10 people in a grand synagogue built to seat thousands is a real farce. A governor serious about science and public safety rather than about seizing power would’ve understood that and acted accordingly, offering guidelines that were sensible and measured and concrete. The only ones pointing out this travesty are the Haredim.

Liel Leibovitz, “Religion, Science, and the Religion of Science” at Tablet

During the COVID crisis, a great deal of the blather for science made no sense at all, a fact that is becoming more and more evident.

People won’t immediately give up believing in science as a result. Rather, they will begin to treat it as the superstition of the social elite. It doesn’t make sense and doesn’t need to. It is wisely got around wherever possible.

That’s not what science used to be but that’s what many policy decisions have made it.

Did anyone notice that covid appeared right after Russiagate imploded? And its effect was to damage the economy, the aspect of Trump's presidency that would have guaranteed him a second term. And did anyone notice that there were no new wars or major terrorist attacks under Trump? $$$$ 2+2=? Peter
Did any one see the recent numbers for influenza globally? It’s what you’d expect I huge drop from last year I can hear the excuses now “It’s because of the lockdown lock downs work” To bad it hardly worked so well on the disease they were meant to stop “Vaccines now actually work 100% of the time with the flu!!!” Yeah I’m calling bull on increased effectiveness of vaccines conveniently in light of covid. “Covid and flu are friends and work together” Sure. AaronS1978
Those riots were the greatest conversion experience in recent history. Lots of people used real logic and real scientific thought to process the utter contradiction, and realized for the first time that "science" is the exact opposite of science. Most of the current genocide is a direct CtrlC/CtrlV copy of old Inquisition and witch hunting practices from 1500. Not metaphorical as in McCarthyism, but perfectly literal, involving mysterious witch powders and protective rosaries and prayer cloths. The only difference is that the old rosaries were made of glass and the new ones are made of Lucite. polistra
First of all I wanted to point out that “clothes” was not what I meant it was “closed” auto correct sucks But yeah I was perplexed and very upset about all of this nonsense with covid. I hope you understand my incredible amounts of sarcasm with my original post But when Dr. Fauci couldn’t say that black lives matter protests were spreading the disease (repeat large gathers but would call them out) but he can openly say that religion and religious gatherings can definitely spread The disease (multiple times on tv, Facebook, Twitter) I lost total respect him The cherry picking of what spread the disease and what doesn’t spread the disease has angered me on so many different levels mainly because both the politicians and the scientist supporting these politicians think that we are that stupid that we won’t put together that they are peddling bullshit One of my very liberal friends commented on something that you posted on mind matters news today The post about China and COVID-19 and what they’re doing with religious organizations there because of it His response was “I mean we do it to” To put it in context he’s pretty much saying what’s the big deal to me While failing to realize that my point was we don’t want to be like China but we are acting like China when it comes to this But this is been one of the most politically abused viruses I have ever seen in the history of my life I’ve watched way too many tragedies happen because of the stupid lockdowns, I have caught the disease at least once, (confirmed) I think I have caught it twice. Apparently I was one of the “lucky” normal people that showed little to no symptoms of the disease I actually have had more post symptoms then I actually had actual active symptoms of the disease I had to work through the whole pandemic and I work in a financial institution, So I personally got to see what happened to both businesses and people during the lockdown and how many lost everything I have zero respect for the people that hit away and then criticized the people protesting the lockdown that were losing everything Even more hypocritically many of those people that hit away came out to protest the long side Black Lives Matter But all of that said this is been the most poorly handled both scientifically and politically disease I have ever seen And all I had was a damn cold when I caught it AaronS1978
AaronS1978, if it were true that the virtuous virus afflicted only Trump rallies and not BLM rallies, then the virus has a moral sense we had never considered. It's true that some of us think that bacteria and plants have smarts we never knew in the past but not that they have a moral sense. This Woke morality among viruses is really new. It beautifully validates superstition, which is part of what some of us are trying to say. The authorities can't just validate superstition and then walk away from it. They own it now. News
Remember you got to keep religious organizations clothes while allowing black lives matter protest to continue one only spread the disease according to our science trump rallies also only spread COVID-19 while black lives matter rally’s do not Remember Newsweek posted that and the studies that supported that AaronS1978

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