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    jstanley01 says:

    To give credit where credit is due, 90% of what I have learned since 2017 about what life in China is like on the ground, I learned from following YouTubers serpentza and laowhy86 on their personal channels, and also from their joint channel ADVChina.

    Both lived in China for more than a decade, and planned to live there for life, until the crackdown under Xi really began to bite. They are both married to Chinese women, with whom they have children, and now live in the U.S.

    They also produced two documentaries on the country, “Conquering Southern China”, and “Conquering Northern China”. Both highly recommended.

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    jawa says:

    Very interesting indeed. Thanks

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    Ed George says:

    I attend international meetings a few times every year. As a result I have made friends with a few Chinese citizens. What I was shocked to hear about is that when they attend meetings outside of China they are not allowed to spend any extra time there. They can’t arrive more than a day in advance of the first meeting and must take the first available flight the day after the last meeting.

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    john_a_designer says:


    By the way, I can’t think of any worse excuses for human beings than the people who are attempting to make political hay out of this pandemic, such as Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. That would be the “honorable gentleman” who appeared on Tee Vee all over the channel guide to lend credence to the claim that the virus came from a Chinese research lab.


    However, Cotton insists that he never made that claim.

    I haven’t said the coronavirus is “a Chinese bioweapon run amok,” so I haven’t “walked back” anything. What I have said is that China’s official origin story of the Wuhan food market is almost certainly bogus.


    So trying to get to the truth is making “political hay?” It’s also important that the mainstream media be truthful in their reporting. However, that is what happens when you put sensationalistic spin over and above the facts and truthful reporting.

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    BobRyan says:

    Xi was recently given the same power Mao had in order to prevent a similar collapse as happened with the Soviet Union. It was difficult to get accurate information before he came to power, but now it’s impossible. We will never know how many in China have died from the most recent outbreak. It’s long past time for the free world to stop trading with China for a whole host of reasons, health being one of them. How many outbreaks can we ignore before realizing China needs pressure in order to allow groups like the WHO and the Red Cross to move around freely. Without independent investigation allowed, China will continue to be the source of future outbreaks.

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    john_a_designer says:

    Here’s some more on what Sen. Tom Cotton (AR) actually said and what he was actually claiming.

    He [Cotton] also brought up the “questions” surrounding the biosafety level 4 “super laboratory” in Wuhan, the city where the virus is believed to have originated.

    “We know it didn’t originate in the Wuhan food market based on the study of Chinese scientists … I’m not saying where it started, I don’t know. We don’t know because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) won’t open up to international experts,” Cotton said. “That’s what we need to do so they can get to the bottom of where the virus originated and hopefully can effect a diagnostic test and vaccine for it.” (emphasis added)


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    jstanley01 says:

    Hi John,
    Here’s the video I based my comments on: Senator Tom Cotton Talks With Maria Bartiromo About Coronavirus.

    Cotton states categorically that, “This virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market” (emphasis added). As if there is only one in all of Wuhan. Clearly, the man is letting the Chinese food distribution system off the hook in favor of the tinfoil hats’ favorite theory, which he does not hesitate to mention. (More like, he was chomping at the bit.)

    Which is fine, moving ahead, if we want to keep seeing more of these worldwide outbreaks occur. Let the most likely suspect off the hook, good job Senator!

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    john_a_designer says:

    Here is a recent Chinese news story citing Chinese scientists researching the origins of the virus.

    The novel coronavirus that has claimed the lives of more than 2,400 people did not originate at a seafood market in the central China city of Wuhan as was first thought, according to a new study by a team of Chinese scientists.

    The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was instead imported from elsewhere, said researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Institute for Brain Research.

    The team, led by Dr Yu Wenbin, sequenced the genomic data of 93 SARS-CoV-2 samples provided by 12 countries in a bid to track down the source of the infection and understand how it spreads…

    “The study concerning whether Huanan market is the only birthplace of SARS-CoV-2 is of great significance for finding its source and determining the intermediate host, so as to control the epidemic and prevent it from spreading again,” the research team said.


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