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Chinese Lies?

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I do not think of myself as an optimist. I am way more Eeyore than Pollyanna. Recently, however, I declared there was reason to trust China’s “no new cases” data out of Wuhan. Maybe I was wrong. A friend points me to this article.

“EBC News, a Taiwan cable news network, broadcast two such photographs dated March 20, which is two days after China reported there were no new local Wuhan infections. One of the notices, after announcing the new cases, read: “Do not go out, or gather, wash your hands, be careful, hold on, hold on, and hold on some more.” 

EBC also broadcast video of a hospital in Wuhan that it says was taken on March 19 and provided by a local Wuhan journalist. The video shows a reception area crowded with people, some of them on gurneys with IV drips, and health care workers in full protective gear, white suits, face masks and goggles.  According to the Taiwan commentators, the reporter had accompanied a friend who was seeking care for his sick mother, but the hospital, while allowing patients to stay in the waiting area, was refusing to admit any of them. When the reporter asked the reason, a health worker at the hospital told him the hospital was under pressure from the central government to report no new cases.”

Bad link. How I miss the edit button. Try This Oned Latemarch
I found this an interesting read. Latemarch
JT & JVL, ordinary flu seasons face a similar pattern that actual incidence of esp mild cases must be inferred, see the CDC page BR links. KF kairosfocus
BR, food for thought, though it seems there is a serious candidate for origin of this epidemic in wet meat markets in Wuhan. Which, hitherto, was hardly known of -- a PR nightmare. KF kairosfocus
Jim Thibodeau @ 8 Infection and lethality are not the same. SARS, be it 1 or 2, goes mostly undetected when an outbreak occurs. We are not dealing with something as clear as the Marburg virus. Since it mimics the flu and almost the same groupings of people develop severe symptoms from both, with influenza being a little less picky as to health, it is impossible to say how long the outbreak has been going on. It may have been discovered last December, but that was only after Dr. Li happened to notice a few clusters of elderly people dying at a greater rate than influenza alone would suggest. No one tests for SARS, since there has not been a known outbreak in almost 20 years. Since discovery and outbreak of SARS cannot happen at the same time, the outbreak must have occurred prior to discovery last December. 2 years ago there was an uptick in influenza related deaths worldwide. Every year, the United States can expect to have about 30,000 people die of influenza, including children and infants, which is not the case with SARS. Some years are better and some worse, but that range is a pretty good average. 2 years ago, there were 45,000 people who died from influenza related causes. Between 2010 to last years season, you can see the average play out. Only 2012-13 had more than 30,000 deaths prior to 2 years ago. That was 34,000, which is why the 45,000 number catches the eye. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html Considering the same uptick was seen everywhere the WHO can get accurate records, the only conclusion that can be made is the origin of outbreak for this current version of SARS was at the start of the 2017-2018 flu season. Since no one was looking for SARS at the time, any SARS related deaths would have gone unnoticed. As with any virus, discovery of an outbreak does not occur when the outbreak begins. BobRyan
Socialists lie, regardless of what they call themselves. The ends justify the means. Truth has no value to them. Socialists, like those posting their illogical drivel about evolution being a fact, when there is no such thing in science, have no problem spinning whatever suits their needs. The governments in many parts of the world are overreaching, which leads to socialists salivating at the power grab. They do not care that SARS 2 is less damaging to people than SARS was. What matters is governments gaining in power through any means necessary. BobRyan
Fasteddious @ 5 The Chinese government could show an entire city filled with nothing but bullet ridden bodies and the government officials would claim they are all napping. The bullet holes are there to let the bodies breath better in their sleep. The Xi government lies about everything. BobRyan
The tyranny of metrics is universal. Hospitals everywhere may keep someone alive so that the metric of deaths per month does not look bad for them. Students pass who should not. University entrants have quotas so that the ‘diversity’ metric is compliant with government and hopes for funding, Senator Warren is a famous example. Not just the Chinese though all Communists worked them in heavily. It’s tick-a-box supervision. Belfast
@JVL confirmed cases. Many institutions in the US aren’t testing, for at least 3 different reasons. The real number is hundreds of thousands. Jim Thibodeau
I never thought that "I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole" would become a standard way of living. :cool: ET
According to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ The USA is now the country with the most number of cases of COVID-19. That's trusting China's stated numbers. Like Barry I'm not sure I do trust China's official statistics. JVL
Watch for an ongoing spike in funerals in China. That sort of thing is harder to cover up, I imagine. Fasteddious
Nothing to do with China or COVID 19 but may be of interest to everyone. Since this is the newest post on the virus, I am posting it here. The Great Courses has a 24 lecture course on Infectious Diseases that they have made free to the public. Here is the link https://www.thegreatcoursesdaily.com/an-introduction-to-infectious-diseases-full-video-course/ Great promotional effort on their part. They have almost a thousand courses and many on evolution. In none of their courses on evolution do they provide proof for a natural methodology for evolution nor do they disprove ID anywhere. However, the general assumption is that natural evolution is true in all the courses. jerry
Our leaders are perfectly willing to theatre on things like climate change. Why not viruses too? Andrew asauber
I'd say involvement in deliberate misrepresentation is prolly not limited to the Chinese. Andrew asauber
Most mass-media are untrustworthy eyeball grabbers. Truthfreedom

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