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Christian Scientific Society conference: Is there life in outer space?


Free webinar May 29, 2021, 10:00 am to some time after the panel discussion at 1:20 pm, EST. Suggested donation $20.

Here. Registration details to be provided.


“Waiting for ETI: A Christian Scientific Perspective on Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence” by Bijan Nemati: “The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, or SETI, project has spent the last half-century looking for a telltale signal, and has come up short. In this talk, we examine from a Christian perspective the likelihood for extra-terrestrial life, taking into account what we have learned about extra-solar planets over the last two decades.”

“A Christian Perspective on the Space Aliens of the UFO Phenomenon” by Kenneth Samples “This talk will briefly examine the UFO phenomenon identifying the three broad explanatory theories concerning “ufology.” The talk will also exam the general view of space aliens as set forth in common UFO experience and religion.”

“The Privileged Planet and the Rarity of Habitable Planets” by Jay Richards “A common way of organizing our speculations about extraterrestrial life is with the Drake Equation. The problem, as someone once quipped, that it is, in effect, a way of compressing a great deal of ignorance in a small amount of space.”

“Towards a Protestant Christian Exotheology” by Jonathan Barlow “In this presentation, Barlow will discuss the history of Christian exotheology and attempt to sketch the meta-theological contours of a systematic exotheology that is both Christian and Protestant.”

One guesses the panel discussion will feature the speakers.

A good chance to check out the perennial topic, “Are We Alone?” with thoughtful people. Blow clear of the others.

Did you know about this, by the way?: The surprising role dolphins have played in the search for ET Dolphins, with their apparent alien intelligence, have been seen by scientists interested in ET as a stand-in. The discovery of dolphin intelligence supported the view that intelligence might evolve in unexpected places among life forms without hands.

The old rule about headlines is:- IF A HEADLINE ENDS WITH A QUESTION THE ANSWER IS USUALLY NO. In other words, don’t bother reading; only a dope who believes in extraterrestrials will answer. Belfast
Is there life in outer space? Yes, but it's keeping well away from that weird bunch om planet Earth. Seversky

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