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Classic “evolution” rubbish about COVID-19


Humans are wired through millions of years of evolution to be social creatures. Faced with the COVID-19 virus, can we stay connected at a distance?

Since our evolutionary split from chimpanzees around 7 million years ago, humans have become increasingly dependent on complex social cooperation to survive and thrive. People sometimes think of humans as fundamentally selfish or violent, but anthropological research shows that we have evolved to work cooperatively and live in supportive communities.

Thanks to COVID-19, that evolved tendency is now being strained.

(evo blather)

As a result of humanity’s evolution for social tendencies, we have a problem: loneliness. This feeling may act as a driver to pull people back together, much as thirst makes people drink and hunger makes people eat. But it has negative consequences to…

But can we entirely override our long-programmed interactive cooperation and replace it with distant cooperation? Will virtual interaction be a suitable replacement in fulfilling the need for physical interaction? It remains to be seen.

George M. Leader, “Why Social Distancing Feels So Strange” at Sapiens

Reality check: We’re doing it now.

In Canada, social distancing is going just fine. Most Canadians like distance. (Don’t live in Canada if you don’t. Check a map first.)

So the worry is that we are more social than chimps and therefore can’t handle social distancing? Seriously, the big difference between being a human and being a chimp is that humans can actually decide to do something based on reason. It comes of having an intellect, something Darwinian evolution has never been able to assimilate.

No virus has changed that fundamental difference between humans and chimps and COVID-19 won’t be the first.

Meanwhile, “evolution” demonstrates just about any familiar truism and its opposite.

There's a straightforward Darwinian argument against the lockdowns. Flu, whether generic or this year's Special Brand Flu, mainly kills people who are already out of action and expected to die this year. Lockdowns kill people who are young and active and reproducing. If you want to preserve the species, you don't kill young healthy people. For some mysterious reason I don't hear this argument from the mechanists ... who enjoy killing young healthy people. polistra
Oh this is just straight stupid Evo psychology is absolutely ridiculous Looks like we overrode it whether we wanted to or not, oh boy The virus was also said to have evolved and that it wasn’t made in a lab, thank you evo biologists whatever could we have done with out you. Oh wait, turns out it was a lab virus Smoking gun was the mutations indicative of HIV and Ebola that were found in it Evolution, the ultimate theory at explaining anything and is always right until it’s not. The theory has some merit, it’s the evolutionary know it all’s that don’t, Adoptionist storytellers AaronS1978

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