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Climate Activists: Idiots or Liars? Hard to Tell

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Climate activists very often seem to be either idiots or inveterate liars.  See here.  I am honestly not sure which is the case.

Is the end of climate alarmism? I mean the party is over when the geek shows up. John MacArthur's ghost writer, Phil Johnson, once said this of post-modernism and psychology once Evangelical Christians started jumping on board. But alas, this isn't always true. Christians adopted Darwinism long ago and it is only now starting to sink. bb
As usual, some of us dumbo evangelicals arrive late on the scene with data that is years out of data and attribute it to problems that may not even exist. Oh that they would couple intelligence with wisdom and skepticism. And stop embarrassing the rest of us. Christian-apologetics.org
There are huge amounts of money available for grants to build yet more computer models for global warming. The models are known to be worthless, but it's how the grant game is played. More importantly, from a Socialist-Global Government point of view, the goal is to firmly establish layers of non-elected bureaucrats as the actual government of the world. It doesn't really matter what the Crisis of the Month is. What matters is that the answer is ALWAYS turning all the decisionmaking over to faceless technocrats. And if the can get direct funding, as from "carbon licenses" or some such, then they will be unstoppable. mahuna
Of related note: Climate talks collapse! Russia derails treaty track at UN climate summmit in Bonn - June 12, 2013 http://www.cfact.org/2013/06/12/climate-talks-collapse/# bornagain77

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