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Clip from ID flight film hits million views at YouTube

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Product Shot A clip from Flight: The genius of birds

“Avian flight requires a cause that’s able to visualize a distant endpoint and bring together everything necessary to achieve that endpoint. Only intelligence is capable of that kind of causal process.”

Paul Nelson, Philosopher of Biology More.

At dusk on a winter evening in southern England a flock of 200,000 European starlings congregate to soar in breathtaking formations before roosting for the night. These incredible displays of aerial precision and biological engineering are captured in this memorable sequence from Flight: the Genius of Birds.

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The public is interested in these subjects and not opposed to ideas abot god/Id as behind the glory or nature.Mankind always and still does have a great hunch there is a God and nature is great evidence for him. ID/YEC could do very well with audiences, now ignorant, if we have our rightful place to reach audiences in education and anything that reaches the public. Robert Byers

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