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Clue about antimatter: Does it depend on how neutrinos behave vs. antineutrinos?

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electron-neutrino interaction/(AEC, Laboratory for High Energy Physics

From University of Bern at ScienceDaily:

Neutrinos and antineutrinos, sometimes called ghost particles because difficult to detect, can transform from one type to another. The international T2K Collaboration announces a first indication that the dominance of matter over antimatter may originate from the fact that neutrinos and antineutrinos behave differently during those oscillations. This is an important milestone towards the understanding of our Universe. A team of particle physicists from the University of Bern provided important contributions to the experiment.

The Universe is primarily made of matter and the apparent lack of antimatter is one of the most intriguing questions of today’s science. The T2K collaboration, with participation of the group of the University of Bern, announced today in a colloquium held at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba, Japan, that it found indication that the symmetry between matter and antimatter (so called “CP-Symmetry”) is violated for neutrinos with 95% probability.

“This result is among the most important findings in neutrino physics over the last years,” said Prof. Antonio Ereditato, director of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics of the University of Bern and leader of the Bern T2K group, “and it is opening the way to even more exciting achievements, pointing to the existence of a tiny but measurable effect.” Ereditato added: “Nature seems to indicate that neutrinos can be responsible for the observed supremacy of matter over antimatter in the Universe. What we measured justifies our current efforts in preparing the next scientific enterprise, DUNE, the ultimate neutrino detector in USA, which should allow reaching a definitive discovery.” More.

Sounds good but 95% probability is not 100% probability. Press on.

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Experiments on antimatter are now possible?

One has to scratch one's head here. We're dealing with neutroninos here--as in 'neutral' particles. How then do they break charge/parity symmetry? These symmetries are associated with matrices and ground states; so, it can violate CP symmetry in the 'mathematical' sense. Yet, as I said, you have to scratch your head a little bit. PaV
MatSpirit at 1: You are right, thanks, correction made. News
Reading comprehension! The article has nothing to do with dark matter. It says neutrinos may have something to do with the missing antimatter. MatSpirit

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