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Codon Correlations: Molecular Recycling

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It is well known that the genetic code translates DNA genes into proteins. But the process is immensely complex and new research is revealing some fascinating and challenging details. This process of protein synthesis begins with the unwinding of the DNA double helix. The two strands are separated and an incredible protein machine makes a copy of one of the strands. The copy contains the appropriate gene and, after some editing, the copy is sent to the ribosome where it provides the needed instructions.  Read more
Dr. Hunter, This article may interest you: Enzyme Convergence Taxes Evolutionary Paradigm http://www.reasons.org/enzyme-convergence-taxes-evolutionary-paradigm Excerpt: In spite of the historically contingent nature of the evolutionary process, convergence appears to be widespread at the organismal and biochemical levels. And as the scientists from UCSF describe in a recent paper, biochemical convergence is even more extensive than anyone thought. bornagain77

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