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Rare Codons Near the Beginning of a Gene Control Protein Expression Level

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Various studies have shown that in order to produce a protein evolution would need roughly 10^70 attempts to get close enough for natural selection to take over. That is a 1 with 70 zeros after it. The number of attempts possible, on the other hand, is far less. One study concluded that 10^43 attempts may be possible. It is important to understand how tiny 10^43 is compared to 10^70. 10^43 is not about half of 10^70. It is not even close to half. In fact 10^43 is an astronomically tiny sliver of 10^70. Furthermore that study concluded that 10^43 attempts may be possible assumed, as a starting point, the existence of bacteria. In fact it assumed the Earth is covered with them. And bacteria, as every freshman knows, contain proteins. So in order to evolve a protein, evolutionists assume the prior existence of proteins, and still fail to resolve the problem. But we really haven’t even begun to address the problem. Read more

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OT: Stephen Meyer Responds to Paleontologist Charles Marshall on Darwin's Doubt. When Theory Trumps Observation: Responding to Charles Marshall's Review of Darwin's Doubt Stephen C. Meyer - October 2, 2013 http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/10/when_theory_tru077391.html bornagain77
Dr. Hunter. Evolution is a fact, Fact, FACT! Incoherent and self-contradictory statements from evolutionists cannot detract from this simple truth. And given that FACT, just what do you think that statements from non-believers can hope to accomplish? But keep up the posts, I love them! When is your next book going to be published!? IMO, Darwin's God and Darwin's Proof are already classics. Mung

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