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Cold Case Detective J. Warner Wallace on the “God of the Gaps”

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J. Warner Wallace: at HillFaith:

One of the most commonly cited criticisms of those who believe human beings, Earth and indeed the entire universe exhibit evidence of intelligent design is the retort from evolutionists that concluding there must be a designer is “just another example of the ‘god of the gaps’ fallacy.”

On the surface, the god of the gaps accusation has a patina of intellectual credibility, but a closer examination of the evidence and reasoning for the designer conclusion reveals that it is a logical conclusion, not an assumption in the nature of a substitution to fill an evidentiary void.

Essentially, as Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace, the retired Los Angeles Police Detective who specialized in solving murder cases that had remained unsolved for year, explains, particular evidence requires certain characteristics in order to have explanatory power.

Here’s Why the ‘God of the Gaps’ Critique is a Mis-Characterization of Theism, Intelligent Design” at HillFaith (August 28, 2022)

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    Evolution Version: There’s Magic in The Gaps, Around The Gaps, and Before The Gaps.


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    What does the “J” stand for?

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    CD @2:


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