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Compassion director dumped at prominent science institute

No, see, “compassion” means you DON’T just tell them to jump in front of a truck. You need reprogramming.

No, we don’t sit around here, making stuff up:

Tania Singer, 48 , had achieved prominence outside the scientific world in recent years. She caused a sensation with her interdisciplinary studies on the foundations of social emotions such as empathy, envy, fairness or revenge. Since 2013 , she has headed the ReSource project at the MPI in Leipzig, one of the largest research projects ever on the effects of meditation on the brain. At events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, she regularly called for more compassion in business and society.

This was missing but apparently in their own laboratory. The science journal Science and the online portal BuzzFeed reported in the summer of this year that Singer had bullied and intimidated employees and PhD students for years. Christian Weber, “Max Planck Director Tania Singer leaves the institute” at Sudddeutsche Zeitung

You could have predicted trouble when they hired a “compassion director” anyway. That’s about as useful as commanding people to be funny.

Note: If you don’t read German, you’ll need to hit the Translate button.

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