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Creation, the movie, is not about Creation, but it is a movie, at least.

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September 25 is the release date for the movie Creation in the UK, which tells the story of Darwin’s plight of being a perfectly innocent and doe-eyed scientist coming to grips with the unsavory religious implications of his perfectly honest science (the website claims artistic license in telling the story, and I take their word for it). The movie particularly focuses on the religiously charged conflict that arises between Charles and his religiously faithful wife Emma, as the trailer makes clear. The film is being supported by the Christian group Damaris in their campaign of advancing Theistic Evolution.

The movie is based on the book Annie’s Box by Randall Keynes, who is Darwin’s great-great-grandson.

I am sure that it will have all the integrity and factual accuracy of "Inherit the wind". The Whyman

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