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Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne’s Facebook page disabled

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A friend writes*, breathlessly, that

Facebook has disabled Jerry Coyne’s page, and he’s mad about it and has some conspiracy theories of who’s responsible/behind such “immoral” and “unenthical” acts against him!

Wow. Here’s Coyne:

Oy gewalt!. For reasons that completely elude me, Facebook has disabled my account. And by “disabled,” I don’t mean a temporary suspension like the one-day one … When I look at the items that are considered banning offenses, I don’t see that I’ve committed any.

Bet you didn’t, Jerry. Have you been downgraded to a prole?

I have not published any “hate speech”, nor have I received a “warning” from Facebook. I haven’t impersonated anyone else or posted content that violates Facebook Terms. More.

So? Jerry, for heaven’s sakes, wake up in the real world. You don’t need to have DONE anything.

[Note:  The following tweet was reported at Twitter too. Do NOT rely on Twitter for news. Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne’s Facebook page disabled http://is.gd/9RXBxs]

We all live to make Silicon Valley progressive billionaires rich and famous, right? They like their consumers stupid.

*Doubtless, UD’s friend was motivated to tell us this because O’Leary for News was grousing about Twitter disabling her posts of news from the UD site—on account of false claims about “spam.”

Spam? One must sign up for the UD News account, @itsdesign No one from here is hosting spam.

Re Facebook, in our experience, a long series of pointed complaints helped. Try it, Jerry, but be patient.

Also, relax and adopt another rescue kitty. The Kitty Angel smiles on those of us who do that. You will be happier and enjoy better health. [Truth in advertising: Tom, Dick, and Harry, feline rescues, sponsored this paragraph.]

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Ring,ring.... Eugen: Hello... E: Oh, hi Richard(Dawkins) how are you? E: I'm fine, thanks. Why do you sound agitated? E: What? Where did you get the idea? I didn't disable Jerry's Facebook account! E: No,no,no. I don't have that power. What do you think I'm Mark Zuckerberg? E; Yeah, tell Jerry to email Facebook. That's all he can do for now... E: Yes yes, process seems automated and impersonal. It happened to my friend. Somebody puts complaint and account gets shut down for 72 hours....... E: Yes, it's a long story....when? E: Sunday morning? Sorry I can't meet you at the pub then. We are going to church. E: Outdated? I disagree. Church is even more relevant in today's chaos. Sorry, who? E: Lawrence (Krauss) is coming, too? Then I'm not going for sure.... E: ...because he'll try to sell his idea of something coming from nothing....yes I read his book and I disagree.... E; Well than we'll have to agree to disagree....aha...OK...I understand, I have couple of things to do, too... E: Thanks, you have a nice day,too. click My wife: Who was that? E: Ah, some sales people.... My wife : What are they trying to sell? E: Heh.....the way it sounds: nothing. My wife: Ha ha...so what's the price of nothing? E: Your soul. Eugen
Admin note: Last I heard, tech support has located the tiny code hole through which the illicit sellers were entering, and has disabled it. Probably won't be the last time but thanks much for all warnings. News
Daves your accusing me is blatant malice as I see it. unrelated to origin mattress on UD. Obviously just real hatred as its consistent. Yet i don't care a whit. i never said anything wrong on the internet. proud of iot all. In fact its case in point. As my post said. its the punishment of conclusions under the guise of the punishment of hate speech as its only used for a few subjects. its a censorship from liberal agendas not persuasive enough to control the people in their conclusions. By the way. Something can't be blatant if the word OR is used. OR means vague and the opposite of blatant. Poor analysis even if it was sincere. its not as I said if I may say so. Robert Byers
Jerry Coyne's Facebook page has returned but "still being investigated". What did he do for Zuckerberg to disable his page and still investigate it? Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Robert Byers,
What goes around comes around eh. i was banned at coyne’s web thing for hate speech or something like it as I remember. i can’t remember details.
Do you remember the details of why you were banned here? It was blatant misogyny or sexism, IIRC. daveS
What goes around comes around eh. i was banned at coyne's web thing for hate speech or something like it as I remember. i can't remember details. Its probably indeed a ban for this reason and probably Coyne is innocent. There is no such thing as hate speech. its just conclusions and comments that other people find offensive. they may be offensive by any rule of form. Yet the hate speech concept was entirely created to control offensive things about a few subjects liberals really care about. Identity/race, gay, feminism, etc The rest of the HATE they can live with. Its an attempt to put a special motive behind comments made. They take the historic concept of hate and make it a unique concept for a short list. Cleaver eh. Naw. Its just censorship under a different banner. If malice was really opposed it would be consistent and obvious. in fact the HATE is largely the conclusions about identifies that they hate. By the way. anti-semetism is number one and probably the original goot in the door since WW11. Mr Coyne probably never minded until they came for him. Maybe not. maybe they are creationists or religious people. NAW! Freedom of conclusions/speech is under attack in North America and its immoral and illegal. Don't tell us what is right or wrong and don't punish us. THis is our home. We are the boss. a freedom revolution again must be sounded from the hills and vales. Robert Byers
Does this affect the rss feed too? Mung
Orloog at 3, I mean that persons with budget discretion can now address this. We have no intention of marketing for sellers of illicit drugs. Not sure how it even works. Thanks much, for all. News
Judging from the pages at archive.org, sometimes in Nov 2012 your server got infected - I don't know what you mean with "shooting up line", but the solution of this serious problem could be a little bit more complicated. Orloog
Okay thanks, Orloog, didn't notice (don't buy Prozac, for one thing). Will shoot up line, see what happens. News
Denyse, you have no reason to complain about Twitter: In the source code of each page - even in this one - you find embedded the line
Here an excerpt from UD’s source code (lines 192-194): [/div][div style="position:absolute; top:-849px;" id="uncommondes"][a href="http://brocprozac.com/"]benefits of prozac and how to buy prozac[/a] you can use a credit card [a href="http://prozaccon.com/"]prozac?s advantages and how to order buy prozac online[/a] and read here [a href="http://lexaproanswers.com/"]buy lexapro[/a] online without a prescription is no longer a problem [a href="http://buyinglasixonline.com/"]buy lasix[/a] [a href="http://mycitalopramis.com/"]buy citalopram[/a] Lexapro answer your qestions[/div] [div id="access"] [div class="menu-header"][ul id="menu-topbar" class="menu"][li id="menu-item-25175" class="menu-item menu-item-type-custom menu-item-object-custom menu-item-home menu-item-25175"][a href="https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com"]Home[/a][/li] [li id="menu-item-25350" class="menu-item menu-item-type-taxonomy menu-item-object-category menu-item-25350"][a href="https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/category/news/"]News Desk[/a][/li]
So yes, Denyse, Twitter is right when it says that posts from Uncommon Descent include spam. I have remarked on this a couple of times over the last months, but nothing happened. (edit: removed html tags in quote) Orloog

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