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    Timaeus says:

    I’ve got to move quickly, in order to beat Mung to this remark:

    I hope that at least one of the two seminars will be on “ID in the social sciences.”


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    Mung says:

    In keeping with it’s policy of dehumanizing ID, no humans will be allowed to attend. So I am hoping to be accepted.

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    Timaeus says:

    I’m surprised; I never thought of you as inhu-mung!

    However, since, as I’ve been informed by Gregory, I am not a human but a “sock,” I should be able to attend with you. (And don’t worry about sitting next to me in class — I swear I’m a *freshly laundered* sock.)

    Say, would you be my lab partner while we’re there? Together, we can follow the evidence wherever it leads.

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