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Discovery Institute Summer Seminars


The Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Instituteannounces two intensive 9-day seminars for college students to be held July 12-20, 2013.  Read more

Old Sock Mung
I'm surprised; I never thought of you as inhu-mung! However, since, as I've been informed by Gregory, I am not a human but a "sock," I should be able to attend with you. (And don't worry about sitting next to me in class -- I swear I'm a *freshly laundered* sock.) Say, would you be my lab partner while we're there? Together, we can follow the evidence wherever it leads. Timaeus
In keeping with it's policy of dehumanizing ID, no humans will be allowed to attend. So I am hoping to be accepted. Mung
I've got to move quickly, in order to beat Mung to this remark: I hope that at least one of the two seminars will be on "ID in the social sciences." :-) Timaeus

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