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What difference does Neanderthal ancestry make?

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Researchers aren’t sure:

With the issue of Neanderthal/modern human mating settled, scientists could focus on a new goal, says Akey, now at Princeton University. Namely, what was the consequence of this interbreeding? “Was it just this curious feature of human history that didn’t have an impact, or did it alter the trajectory of human evolution?”

In the past five years, a flurry of research has sought to answer that question. Genomic analyses have associated Neanderthal variants with differences in the expression levels of diverse genes and of phenotypes ranging from skin and hair color to immune function and neuropsychiatric disease. But researchers cannot yet say how these archaic sequences affect people today, much less the humans who acquired them some 50,000–55,000 years ago.

“So far I have not seen any convincing functional studies where you take the Neanderthal variant and the human variant and do controlled experiments” to identify the physiological consequence, says Grayson Camp, a genomicist at the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) in Switzerland. “No one has actually shown yet in culture that a human and Neanderthal allele have a different physiological function. That will be exciting when someone does.”

Jef Akst, “Neanderthal DNA in Modern Human Genomes Is Not Silent” at The Scientist

But the fact that they are even studying something like this helps us understand why it is no longer a career disaster to doubt textbook Darwinism.

It’s been nearly a quarter century since some of us read David Berlinski’s Commentary essay, The Deniable Darwin. Back then, the Neanderthal was the subhuman our kind had killed off. Survival of the fittest and so forth. There were lots of explanations around how stupid Neanderthals supposedly were. Maybe the explanations don’t age so well now.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?

I've probably got this backwards, but "modern" humans who have blond hair or blue (or green, anything other than brown) eyes got that from our Neander-buddy cousins. How the Neander-buddies got THEIRS is hard to say, since we don't have ANY evidence of Neanderthals splitting off FROM "modern humans". They just appear POOF!, live alongside European Moderns for thousands of years, and then appear to have been absorbed by the Cro Magnon boys. Perhaps the Designer did this as some kind of joke for Moderns to decipher, but I'm still leaning in favor of the NFL linebacker breeding program. vmahuna
So the only exert I’ve read right now is how no convincing evidence has been shown to show The functional difference between Neanderthal DNA and human DNA but the table states very clearly Neanderthal DNA in modern human genome is is not silent........................Sounds like a lot of complaining that it is but they eventually will find a difference I still think a lot of it has to do with hair and skin color but whatever AaronS1978
nice, It also helps corroborate scriptural testimony: common ancestry from Adam, then a genetic bottleneck by the 1656 anno mundi 'Mabul' impacts year aka global flood by Noach. That was the cause and effect of the: break up of the original single continent, most mountain uplift and cave formation, and the onset of The ice ages. As explained in by the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment. Pearlman

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