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Discrimination in the academy ?

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Timothy Larsen has written an interesting piece in The Times Higher Education supplement Opinion: Stop turning the other cheek – The US academy should treat discrimination against Christian students or scholars as seriously as it would racism or sexism
He writes;
“Nevertheless, scholars ought to be concerned that Christians often report that the academy is a hostile environment. Are academics generally glad that such a perception exists? If not, how might it be dispelled? If it is based on genuine experiences, what can be done about a climate that tolerates religious discrimination? If the two stories presented here are merely assailable, anecdotal evidence, then why not gather information on this issue more systematically? Do academic institutions ever try to discover if their Christian students or scholars experience discrimination?

I am hereby calling for such an effort. This could be done through surveys, or focus group discussions, or even just by inviting people to relate their experiences and following up on them, seeing if certain patterns emerge. If these are not the best methods, just think what you would do in response to reports that a university or academic society was marked by institutional racism or sexism and then apply those same strategies of listening, investigation and response. Like John with the department chair, however, I too am tempted to be defeatist about the academy being willing even to investigate the possibility of discrimination against Christians, let alone attempt to eradicate it.”

Of coarse there is opposition to christianity or creationism(s) in academia. I doubt there is or ever was discrimination against ethnic/sex identities unless a problem was seen. Indeed i would say I understand there is policy of discrimination, affirmative action etc, to bring up women or failing ethnic identities. hard to believe its fair and square anywhere today in North America. I also see interference from ethnic groups being out of proportion successful. Equally immoral and illegal. any ways this is all about human motives and actions, open or secret, and accusations, right or wrong, about same. surely they are using education to fight the historic Christian domination of civilization. They simply were getting their way and now they are being challenged with power and losing ground and so attacking dissent is once again the story of the times in these areas. It never works in America. Robert Byers
Yup. It seems tolerance abounds until it comes to Christianity, when suddenly, intolerance abounds. The idea of God and absolute truth is very threatening to many people and they would rather pretend it doesn't exist. Intolerance against those who believe in that way is part of the plan. tjm

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