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Embryonic Development Reveals Staggering Complexity


I recently cited a paper on the evolution of embryonic development and how the evidence contradicts evolutionary theory and common descent. Even the evolutionists, though in understated terms, admitted there were problems. Evolutionary analyses are “reaching their limits,” it is difficult to “conclude anything about evolutionary origins,” genetic similarities “do not necessarily imply common ancestry,” and “conserved regulatory networks can become unrecognizably divergent.” In other words, like all other disciplines within the life sciences, embryonic development is not working. The science contradicts the theory.  Read more

Where there's a will, there's a way. Oh... wait... Axel
So what we have is further evidence that Evolution is not the result of a scientific inquiry. To most of it's adherents, its religious positioning dressed up in a lot of bluster. I was in a Evolution discussion thread yesterday on another blog and it was mostly people regurgitating the popular Evolutionary Ideas they've been told are "fact". It had nothing to do with anyone's presenting actual knowledge of the subject. I'm sounding like a broken record again, but my experience tells me that as soon as you see the word "evolution" introduced into a discussion, assume you aren't going to get a reasonable discussion with the person who used it, at least online, anyway. Andrew asauber
Perhaps we can get a refund for all of our Richard Dawkins & Jerry Coyne books. ayearningforpublius
Dr. Hunter, you have to love these 'moments of honesty' from Darwinists:
Embryonic Development Reveals Staggering Complexity - January 23, 2018 Excerpt:,, But there is much more to the paper, and as a reader noticed, the authors give a rather blunt admission of the magnitude of the problem, not often seen in the literature: ,,, "One of the main reasons for Duboule’s pessimism about the return of the EvoDevo comet is the staggering complexity and diversity of cellular and developmental regulatory processes. The configuration space for realistic models of such systems is vast, high dimensional, and potentially infinitely complex.",,, Staggering complexity? Staggering diversity? The configuration space is vast and high-dimensional? And it is potentially infinitely complex? And we are to believe this is the product of random mutations? http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2018/01/embryonic-development-reveals.html
That is getting dangerously close to actually identifying "Who" the designer must be! :) bornagain77

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