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Engineering and the Ultimate Half Price at Amazon


  Several years ago, we held a conference on the interaction between engineering, science, philosophy, and theology. The result of this was a book titled “Engineering and the Ultimate: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Order and Design in Nature and Craft”. It is now available for half price at Amazon if anyone wants to pick up a copy!

You can find the book here. It contains chapters from a number of authors on topics such as:

  • Reverse engineering, its role in scientific methodology, and its relation to design
  • The role of theology and philosophy in public architecture
  • Modeling non-naturalistic causation mathematically
  • Using non-naturalistic causation principles in software complexity analysis and management
  • A reformulation of specified complexity using algorithmic information theory
  • Meeting the challenge of pragmatic philosophy
  • The role of engineering in an integrated understanding of creation
  • A framework for integrating intelligent agents to collect CSI
  • Self-replication from an engineering perspective

It is, in large part, an “Applied Intelligent Design” book.

I was just reporting what Amazon was saying. Earlier it was at $15. I think that Amazon had it marked down significantly since it had an inventory but no one had bought it recently. Then, when a few people picked up a copy, the price went back up. johnnyb
Jonathan: Thanks for the info. Has it gone on sale yet? The original list price shows as $35. Then (as is common), there is a discount of a few $, down to $26. Is is supposed to be on sale for $17.50 or for $13? Eric Anderson

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