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Entropy and the Distinction Between Operation and Origin


In the seventeenth century Isaac Newton figured out how the solar system worked. The same gravitational force that makes apples drop to the ground also steers the planets in their orbits about the sun. But the English physicist warned against over estimating the power of his new laws. Though the planets “persevere in their orbits by the mere laws of gravity,” Newton concluded, “yet they could by no means have at first derived the regular position of the orbits themselves from those laws.” Gravity alone can maintain an orbit about the sun, but not establish such an orbit. In the centuries since Newton evolutionists have constructed a solar system origin narrative replete with contingent events and all manner of natural law heroics.  Read more

F/N: What Newton actually said. GEM of TKI kairosfocus
Newton is still used today to try to claim his laws make God unneeded and unlikely. Then and now folks try to say these laws proved a God was not ordering the world. Yet the bible didn't say God did and its fine about these ideas. Finding order is the unlikely result if no order maker. Its difficult to make order on such scales. Robert Byers
In "Darwin's Black Box", Behe says (approximately, I'm quoting from memory) "showing how something works is not the same as showing how it came to be." You'd think that is pretty obvious, but apparently a lot of folks think if you show how a biological feature works, you have solved the problem of its origin. Granville Sewell

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