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Tax dollar alert: Who pays this Texas biology profs salary?

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The Texas School Board hearings are certainly bringing the tenured entitlement class out of the woodwork.

In “University of Texas Evolutionary Biologist Andy Ellington Mocks Fellow Texans as ‘Idiots’ and ‘Laughingstocks’ for Doubting Darwin” (Evolution News & Views, July 21, 2011), Casey Luskin picks up on molecular biologist  Ellington’s live blog from the hearing:

His blog provides insight into the mind of the average evolutionary scientist at a state university. Let’s just say that he looks down upon those who don’t agree with him. For example: He uses ridicule, stating that Texas must “determine whether or not [to be a] laughingstock with respect to the teaching of evolution.

He uses namecalling, saying that “every idiot gets their say”

Well, somewhere would say that Ellington’s own presence at the hearings strongly supports his statement. Exemplifying the traits himself, he would presumably have no problem accepting a salary from co-idiots.

Luskin comments,

Darwin-only lobbyists preach a dumbed-down version of modern evolutionary theory that purportedly has no weaknesses–but this is a bluff designed to stifle debate.

Ah, that settles the matter. If Darwinism has no weaknesses, it is not a theory in science.

There is a Certain Religious Book that in some places, it is death to doubt (no, not the Bible). A comparison to Darwinism is apt: According to the Darwin lobby, there is  no evidence against Darwin. (No, really, a key zealot said so recently in public at a convention.)


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