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Environmentalist Apologizes For Climate Alarmism


After working in the field for 20 years. See here. Give him props for honesty and courage to tell the truth in today’s cancel culture.

Environmentalism has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with socialism. They use propaganda, rather than facts, to scare people into demanding their governments take power they would not otherwise have. The planet is billions of years old and has gone through numerous ice ages. Between the ice ages are warming periods, which melt the ice that has built up over time. This causes water levels to rise, since more is in its liquid form than frozen. During the last ice age, settlements were built on places that are now underwater, which were on land at the time. An entire continent exists underwater close to Australia and tests have shown it was high and dry at one point. Man can do nothing compared to nature when it comes to the environment. The cleanest power source we have is nuclear, which the environmentalists hate. If they actually cared about clean energy, they would be demanding more nuclear in place of things that kill a lot of birds, like windmills and solar farms. The solar panels are made in China, which is the worst country in the world in regards to the environment. If they cared about the environment, they would want less bureaucracy, since innovation does not exist in a bureaucratic state. We are close to cracking hydrogen, which produces water and heat. Focusing on windmills and solar farms has taken resources away that could have gone to hydrogen. BobRyan

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