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David Klinghoffer muses on the (almost) Cancelation of physicist Eric Hedin

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Who attracted the attention of Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne:

What I found most despicable about the successful attempt to silence Professor Hedin was the power disparity. Hedin was a young scientist — on tenure track but not holding tenure, and thus highly vulnerable — at Ball State University, an “institution…named after a manufacturer of glass canning jars — a benign backstory for an utterly benign university campus.” Or that was what Hedin imagined. His persecutor, on the other hand, was a prominent academic, enjoying maximum career safety at the University of Chicago. Let’s be honest: between the two, there was no contest. Coyne could move against Hedin without fear, and he did. On the other hand, Hedin’s career was on the line, and both knew it.

Hedin was stunned to find himself accused of violating the First Amendment. He was also anxious that the older, more powerful scientist was about to put an end to Dr. Hedin’s life in science. Amid a media controversy, Discovery Institute sought to intervene, but again, the power was all on the side of the atheists.

David Klinghoffer, Today, “Canceled” Scientist Eric Hedin Gets His Voice Back” at Evolution News and Science Today

You can download a sample chapter of Eric Hedin’s Canceled Science: What some atheists don’t want you to see.

Coyne has responded to the new book.

Meanwhile, he has spent some time defending other Cancelees like Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, with no apparent recognition of the role he played in bringing that culture about.

2 Replies to “David Klinghoffer muses on the (almost) Cancelation of physicist Eric Hedin

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    polistra says:

    There’s one important difference. Hedin knew what he was getting into.

    Grad students who enter the tenure track KNOW what they’re entering. The tenure system controls their days and nights for several years. It’s not a rigged game, it’s a perfectly open and honest game with extremely strict and difficult rules. If you follow the rules rigidly, you have a good chance of winning sooner or later.

    Broader forms of Social Darwinism like Randian meritocracy are rigged and dishonest. Ordinary people are invited to “work hard” and “play by the rules” with a distant promise of riches and power as the mythical pot of gold. Be an entrepreneur! Be another Bezos! Emulate your Lord Elon!

    As soon as they get into the game, the ruling class steals their labor and ideas and kicks them into bankruptcy. It’s a cosmic-scale version of the Nigerian Prince.

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    I’ve written about the Hedin case before, and am pleased that Dr. Hedin has survived the warfare against him and once again reaches out with his new book. I wish him well.

    Here is what I wrote back then —

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