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ET and the Strange Behavior of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde — Part 1


Microfossils on Comet show Alien LifeIt was the best of times, and the worst of times. NASA was making new discoveries every day, discoveries that would change the course of science forever, and yet, they could not publish them for fear that it would destroy their government mandate, their public image. The discovery of microfossils on comets that made the news a month ago cannot be told without understanding the history of extra-terrestrials (ET) and NASA. It is a curious tale, with Darwinists embarassed and Designers triumphant except when the press show up, and it may still have even more twists to come, but the saga needs to be told for the sake of our children, and their children’s children who may look up through the violet-black skies at the blue star called Earth.

The 1975 launch of a pair of billion dollar Viking spacecraft to Mars was the most ambitious planetary lander ever proposed or accomplished by NASA, and it contained an extremely complicated, cutting edge instrument to measure the atomic and molecular composition of the Martian atmosphere and soil–the Nier-Johnson double-focussing magnetic mass spectrometer. It also carried the simplest instrument ever devised to measure life–Gil Levin‘s labelled release experiment.

(See also Part Two and Part Three.)

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