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ET and the Strange Behavior of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde — Part 3

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Viking Lander Labelled Release Experiment(Part 3 in three-part series. In Part 1 we discussed how NASA had chosen a schizophrenic approach to life on Mars. In Part 2 we discussed how Hoover’s ET paper destroyed their control of the narrative, as well as discomfitted many Darwinists. In this final part of the series, we look at how NASA has attempted to regain control of the ET narrative while making it comfortable for Darwinists again.

But wait, these NASA types are all members of the Mars Society. Why am I confusing them with Darwinists?

[You must read CS Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet, to understand the connection between planetary “manifest destiny” and a cosmological “social darwinism.” Lewis’ is the best book I know to describe the complex interaction between the funding of NASA’s manned exploration, Mars life, and Darwinist religion. This is not to say that anyone interested in Mars is an atheist, clearly the hero of Lewis’ book wasn’t, but it identifies some of the dogma that makes the Mars Society people, well, a bit like religious nuts. Lewis wrote that 75 years ago when National Socialism was at its peak–talk about prophetic! The key phrase that indicates you are on Darwinist hallowed ground is “Origin Of Life” (OOL). It is the greatest unproven assumption of Darwin’s theory, and code for a burning bush experience.]

(See also Part One and Part Two.)

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