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ET and the Strange Behavior of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde — Part 2


Richard Hoover examines cyanobacteria(Part 2 of a three-part series. Part 1 found here.)

Richard Hoover
Despite NASA’s attempt to “control the narrative” on ET, it was Hoover’s paper in the Journal of Cosmology that received 18,000,000 hits in two weeks, making his ET debut a case of “going viral”. Even the staid SPIE where Hoover’s annual conference on Astrobiology publishes his work as conference proceedings, (and charges a cool $18 for each downloaded PDF of Hoover’s earlier publications on microbial meteoritic fossils), were so happy with the income they want to advertise the 14th annual conference this year. NASA, on the other hand, initially said some rather uncomplimentary things about their star scientist, and then has gone strangely quiet.

My biology colleagues in academia want to know if the paper is for real. “Why isn’t NASA promoting it, if it is true that they have discovered ET?” The answer, of course, lies in the strange behavior of Mr Hyde.

(See also Part One and Part Three.)

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