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“For every PhD there is an equal and opposite PhD”

Dr. Caroline Crocker Named First Executive Director of the IDEA Center

Dr. Caroline Crocker Named First Executive Director of the IDEA Center – January 15, 2008
Dr. Caroline Crocker, a biologist featured in the upcoming documentary film Expelled, has been hired as the Executive Director of the IDEA Center. A trained biologist who loves working with students, she received her Ph.D. in immunopharmacology from Southampton University, U.K., and an M.Sc. in medical microbiology from Birmingham University, U.K.

Dr. Crocker taught various biology courses for five years at George Mason University (GMU) and Northern Virginia Community College. While at GMU, she won three grants, including one from the Center for Teaching Excellence, and she received commendations for high student ratings and wrote a cell biology workbook. Nonetheless, after she mentioned intelligent design in a class at George Mason in 2004, she was subsequently banned from lecturing. Her story is told as part of the upcoming documentary film about persecuted pro-ID scientists, Expelled, featuring Ben Stein.

“Having personally witnessed the hostility in the academy towards intelligent design, I am excited about helping students in IDEA Clubs to investigate intelligent design in an intellectually honest manner,” said Dr. Crocker.

Dr. Crocker did her post-doctoral studies in analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer interactions between proteins of the T-cell receptor/NF-kappaB signal transduction pathway at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD.

“Caroline Crocker is the ideal person to come on board as the first Executive Director of the IDEA Center,” said Casey Luskin, president emeritus and co-founder of the IDEA Center. Luskin continued, “Dr. Crocker has top academic credentials, and she received rave reviews as a professor working with students at George Mason University before the university ousted her because she mentioned intelligent design in a class. I can’t think of a better person to help students discuss and debate about intelligent design through extracurricular IDEA Clubs.”

Caroline Crocker’s primary role as Executive Director will be to work with students involved with IDEA Clubs around the world. For more information, please contact Dr. Crocker at caroline@ideacenter.org.

Sal, glad to see you're still around and busy. Dr. Crocker, congratulations! I hope this is a small vindication for your attempts to open your students' minds at GMU. I wish you the best of luck! EndoplasmicMessenger
vesf, It's not available yet on youtube. I'll see what I can do. Sal scordova
scordova, is there any chance that video is available on youtube or better yet, Godtube? The first thing I do when I get a computer is remove any Realplayer software. It's not "Intelligently Designed". We need to get this stuff out to a wider audience, anyway. Thanks. vesf
God is always hated by humans in power...
That's rather unkind towards G.W. Bush, don't you think? Bob Bob O'H
Scott the truth is - she is just part or the Stalinist atheist left. If you believe in anything higher than the government or the corrupt teacher's union you are to be eliminated. This is the scary reality of today's political climate and landscape- but it is not new. God is always hated by humans in power- absolute power corrupts- tenure is one of those absolute powers and unions think they too are due their invincibility. The mainstream media right now is declaring a war on Mitt Romney because he is a man of faith. (they hate Mormons) and of course until they back Hillary Clinton all the way they will be supporting John McCain- who by the way fought tooth and nail to pass his brain child Mccain-feingold law which is completely unconstitutional and makes it illegal to air a commercial criticizing a political figure on TV 2 weeks before an election. Maybe if Fox and MSLSD and the (c)linton (n)ews (n)etwork get their way and knock off the good man of faith - we can make ID illegal! Yahooo! And Eugene Scott can become the first director of mind control and propaganda for Washington. A McCain and or Clinton win is a loss for ID- have no doubt about this. I’m sorry to bring the election so directly into this but the connection between expelled (which gets no media coverage) and ID which gets only negative and false coverage- is the same as the effort to kill Romney in Florida. The forces at work here in my view are one and the same and the spiritual- political battle is inextricable. Clinton, Scott and McCain represent everything that is wrong with the country right now- I hope that we can save intellectual freedom from a dominating collusive media- One more thing- it is said that fox news is republican and conservative- Don’t believe this for a second! Rupert Murdock owns Fox News and has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Don’t be fooled by the ignorant and biased. Frost122585
scordova, thanks for that link. It bothers me to no end that this sort of travesty of justice is allowed to continue. How did atheists and darwinists get to be so powerful in a country where the majority of people believe in the existence of a creator? Science needs checks and balances just like the rest of government. After all, the public ultimately pays for almost all scientific research and education. The public has the right to stipulate what should be done with its money, right or wrong. Mapou
Dr. Crocker, Christy Chenette, Ed Sisson, and myself appeared in a National TV documentary in August 2006. See: http://www.tinyurl.com/mtay5 scordova
If Dr. Crocker is 1/10 as vocal as Eugenie Scott we can expect to see IDEA clubs getting some much deserved publicity. I can't wait for Expelled to come out. I'm already organizing a group from my church to see it. We'll probably see it more than once. lol vesf
Congratulations to Dr. Crocker. Shame on you, GMU. Mapou

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