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Evolutionary biologist declares, Martian colonists will mutate really quickly

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A photo of one full lit side of Mars, showing the reddish brown color of its surface and a white spot on the southern side.

Riffing off Elon Musk’s goal of sending humans to Mars by 2024, and NASA’s plans to send astronauts there after they visit the Moon again, Rice University evolutionary biologist Scott Solomon envisions “mutations cascading through the gene pool”:

After about two generations, he thinks their bones will strengthen, they’ll need glasses for nearsightedness, their immune systems will be null, pregnancy and childbirth will be significantly more perilous, and the exposure to radiation—more than 5,000 times the amount we’re exposed to on Earth during a normal lifetime, Solomon says—could lead to an influx of cancer.Natalie Coleman, “Evolutionary Biologist: Mars Colonists Will Mutate Really Fast” at Futurism

As a result, he thinks Martians should stop having kids with Earthlings.

Hey, what do you know? A human evolution theory we maybe able to test in real time.

By the way, the 1950s phoned. They want their little green men back. We haven’t, it seems, given them enough respect.

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Of course, they would have a lot better chance of being rescued from the top of Everest than they would being rescued if something went wrong on Mars. Seversky
The closest simulation of a Mars environment on Earth is the summit of Mt. Everest. Maybe put a colony there and resupply it from Earth orbit. They could stay busy rescuing climbers that get into trouble. Latemarch
Before going to Mars, I want to see them hilarious "Martians" live in Siberia for a while... Or at least go camping for a few days. Maybe they will "evolve" a brain that way. Nonlin.org
Time to start writing the next Mars=based movie script "Martian Mutant Ninja Turtles" Seversky

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