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Evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala’s membership in the National Academy of Sciences may be withdrawn


Along with that of an astronomer, Geoffrey Marcy. Ayala, 2010 Templeton winner, had stepped down in 2018 at UCal Irvine due to allegations of sexual harassment. The NAS bylaws were changed in 2019 to permit expulsion:

With the potential moves against Marcy and Ayala, “We are watching social change happening in front of our eyes,” says Nancy Hopkins, an NAS member and emeritus biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It has been a long time coming.” …

Meredith Wadman, “National academy may eject two famous scientists for sexual harassment” at The Scientist

From the story, it’s clear that NAS was looking for a way to go after these people. Once the system is perfected, some of us give the whole business of expelling members ten years before it sinks into ideological persecution and corrupt politicking. But we shall see.

A post from back in 2018: Larry Krauss? Francisco Ayala? And Now Neil DeGrasse Tyson? — All MeToo’d It doesn’t seem as though naturalism or Darwinism offer much protection. Again, we shall see.

What makes the Darwinist among them so much more vulnerable?
Physics occupies a higher celebrity strata than biology. Krauss and Tyson are name-brand guys. Ayala is expendable. Darwin was a racist (by their standards) so they'll use him for some credibility but basically don't pay attention. That's my guess anyway. Silver Asiatic
You'll give it ten years? Hah, I expect that within a year or two we'll see our first cases of ideological expulsion, going quickly down hill from there. These things move fast when their woke credentials are at stake. Fasteddious
But Polistra at 2: Krauss and Tyson were not specifically Darwinists. Krauss is coming back and Tyson never really left. What makes the Darwinist among them so much more vulnerable? News
The metoo anathema has lost its power. Krauss and Tyson are still solidly enthroned as official high priests. When they speak, all courtiers listen and spread their gospel. polistra
I can only hope Jerry Berry he says something very stupid I would love to see his nonsense get canceled AaronS1978

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