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Evolutionists View Violence as Progress

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You’ve heard of “red in tooth and claw,” natural selection, and the survival of the fittest. As one evolutionist put it, “The death of unfit individuals is what causes a species to adapt and improve.” This is because evolutionary theory is founded on that Malthusian idea of limited resources. Life is a zero-sum game. And so when a chance mutation happens to confer a reproductive advantage to one individual, he and his descendants survive and propagate at the cost of others, who do not. It is evolution’s version of a final accounting, but in this Darwinian spreadsheet there is no forgiveness, just survival. Of the fittest that is, and death of the unfit.  Read more

Let me see now; If we used force and jailed all that were in the Senate and in the House of Parliament when in a full setting,would progress move foreward or would it move in reverse? Would such an act of violence be considered to be an act of evolution? I don't know for sure! Just asking? Dr. Time
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It has worried me over the years to watch the focus of Uncommon Descent subtly shift from "What is the scientific evidence for/against evolution?" to "What awful things will happen to human society if people believe evolution?" But it is doubly disturbing to see one of the more blatant posts along the latter line being made by the ID author whose main claim to fame is writing an entire book about the subject of how evolutionists use ascientific modes of persuasion as a substitute for evidence-based testing of Darwin's theory. DarelRex
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