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Extraterrestrial life: A dead astronaut could seed life elsewhere in the galaxy

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We are not making this up. (It’s the time of year, see?)

From Cheyenne MacDonald at Daily Mail:

It’s now known that the living conditions in space can wreak havoc on the human body – but how might the human body leave its mark on the cosmos?

Plans for more rigorous missions have increased the likelihood for the eventual death of an astronaut in space, and scientists now say it’s possible that a rogue corpse could provide the spark for life on another planet.

While the conditions would have to be ‘ideal,’ a human body that manages to avoid incineration in the atmosphere and lands on a distant world could transport microbes or even act as the ‘starter-pack’ for the emergence of life. More.

We could also bloviate thousands of dead cows into space and have ourselves a Farm after a few billennia.

Hey, look, it’s fun. If you don’t like it, go on to the next post.

See also: More intriguing: Did Viking discover life on Mars forty years ago? Rob Sheldon, our favorite physics commentator (and physics colour commentator), has long believed that Viking did find such evidence on Mars.

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