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Extreme black hole shows Einstein was right


The story concerns a “supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, a monster with the mass of four million suns called Sagittarius A, or SgrA”:

Put simply, when S0-2 is closest to SgrA*, the black hole acts like a speed bump, slowing down the star’s light as it escapes into the cosmos. The effect shows up as a stretching of S0-2’s light toward less energetic, redder wavelengths.

“Gravitational redshift is fundamentally encoded in the spectroscopy,” says Ghez, who noted that S0-2’s starlight slows down by about 125 miles a second—exactly what Einstein’s equations predict for an object with SgrA*’s gravitational heft. As a bonus, the work more precisely pins down the mass and distance of SgrA*.

Nadia Drake, “Extreme black hole vindicates Einstein (again)” at National Geographic

Of course, there is so much talk these days of a crisis in physics that one is tempted to wonder if vindicating Einstein is regarded as just as positive an event as it would have been decades ago. Good stuff anyway.

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Rob Sheldon: The real reason there is a crisis in cosmology Nearly everything that has failed about the Big Bang model has been added because of bad metaphysics, a refusal to accept the consequences of a beginning. The remaining pieces of the Big Bang model that are failing and which can’t be attributed to bad metaphysics, were added from sheer laziness.

Here’s the supermassive black hole:

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Per the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment He would still be right and Modern Cosmology/ SCM-LCDM wrong, if 'SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model'. Where there is no ongoing hyper-density at galactic centers, but the matter that comprises each galaxy itself, originated by it's center, during the hyper-dense universe and hyper-dense proto galactic formation phase, that by the end of literal day four, all cosmic inflation and other cosmic expansion was over, and the universe was at mature size and density. So when that light departed it had the same relative 'tug' that Einstein would predict, if under that alt. scenario. reference volume II including SPIRAL's 'Black Hole Illusion Resolution' Pearlman
I would like to add that Einstein was able to predict that without the aid of electrical equipment and computers of this day and age He was a brilliant man, was not a raging atheist and provided probably the most useful theory that has survived the test of time AaronS1978

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