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Francis Galton (1822-1911), Darwin’s cousin, risks getting disappeared

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Over eugenics. Who knew that this was how the culture would begin to turn on Darwinism?

It’s not just American universities that are seriously considering the removal of historical figures from monuments or buildings on campus, owing to their insufficient wokeness. America’s progenitor is doing it too. British academics are divided on whether to strip the names of four scientists from University College London’s campus, the subject of an investigation that started last fall. On the chopping block: Francis Galton (above), Marie Stopes, Flinders Petrie and Karl Pearson. Former UCL professors or alumni, the four had ties to eugenics theory in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Alexander Pease, “University stumped on whether to remove names of science pioneers for eugenics ties” at The College Fix

These people may well be protected by the invocation of sacred terms like Darwinism and birth control, in which case—at one time—it wouldn’t matter much what they had done. A lot depends on whether the raging Woke even care at this point. Hits are hits.

We warned the Darwinians to take the racism and eugenics in their past seriously while there was time but they assumed that if they spoke in Darwin’s name, all would be forgiven.

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